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"The Beast" @ 1988 by Jack T. Chick VS Today unraveling events.

Anonymous Coward
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03/03/2013 03:52 PM
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"The Beast" @ 1988 by Jack T. Chick VS Today unraveling events.
A few of us would remember this classic futuristic tract that appeared in the late 80's about end times. Much has materialized since this tract came out. First the Rise of Barck Obama on the world stage, technology made feasible for the introduction of the Mark of the beast and of course the forthcoming False Prophet Pope Tarcisio Bertone on the horizon.

[link to i47.tinypic.com]

Digital version of this Tract: [link to www.chick.com]

This was a classic Jack Chick Track that seems to be revealing itself right before our eyes however there are see some discrepancies.

First there is a distinction between the False Prophet and the Antichrist. The false Prophet being the next Pope and the Antichrist being Barack Obama).

Jack Chick states that the "Beast" out of the Catholic Church and pulls all the religions of the world together and receives the mortal wound. I disagree.

Secondly Chick states that the Beast rules from the Vatican and uses computers to control every person on the globe. I would agree that Obama will eventually rule from the EU, (Revived Roman Empire) but not the Vatican.

"Mark of the Beast" technology has certainly come a long way since Chick came out with this tract. In 1988 it was barcode technology, today its RFID. (RFID would be even more credible to the KJV script as it states a mark in the hand in the forehead)

There is one thing in Jack Chicks track I would totally disagree with and that is a pretribulation rapture. The butchery we are witnessing with Obama's Syrian Rebels is just a preview of what will soon spread across the globs.

Interesting times.

[link to www.chick.com]