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Message Subject 8 x-DEA chiefs, urge DOJ to nullify pot laws ASAP before states domino on decriminilization
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The reason they want it is to enslave you.

They are going to start killing those who speak out about it so the children that grow up never heard of it.

Just like 9/11.

This is one of your many coming final warning signs.

Marijuana is not only a healing plant but can be utilized to change the entire economy, world and spiritual realm of mankind.

Racism, greed, multi-national death-treaties and the proliferation of corporate power over human life, so on and so forth is all that supports the abandonment of nature. The children do not and can not make that decision. But the light is still pouring into this world.

Medicinal, judicial, mental and economic enslavement is the purpose.

Why else do they limit the production of gas-efficient vehicles to around 30 mpg? Why do other countries enjoy 75 mpg? Why are there experimental efficiency engines which produce 200 + mpg?

Think. That is your only option.
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