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Meteors Go Boom. Live

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03/09/2013 12:24 AM

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Meteors Go Boom. Live
So I am monitoring this site:

[link to www.meteorscan.com]

Every time I hear or see a meteor. I will post an update:

Please reply if you hear a Boom after I post a meteor detected. It should only take a few minutes from the time I post to the time you see or hear a meteor/Boom.

Times are UTC.

5:23 AM Saturday, March 09, 2013; 2 small ones
5:25 AM Saturday, March 09, 2013; 2 Med ones
5:28 AM Saturday, March 09, 2013; 1 Big 1 Med

Uuuhhhhgggg. I give up... The GLP servers keep timing out. So I am abandoning this idea. Grr..
The meteors are coming in every minute or so. most are small but there have been quite a few big one's today.

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