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Message Subject "My Amityville" documentary. George Lutz-a Long Island luciferian/illuminati linked/related to Defeo? Family Op just like Sandy Hook?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I've always thought there was something fishy with that whole tale, and never believed it was supernatural. I've often wondered if Defeo spent any time at all with the former Director of Research at the Amityville Asylum, who was a LSD Researcher for the CIA. Ricky Kasso was treated at the Asylum; was Defeo? I can't find much info on him.

I posted some time ago about my suspicions about the Ricky Kasso murder scandal being some sort of setup. The whole thing just seems so odd to me...all the connections between the Defeo murders, the Amityville house, and the Acid King stuff...I'd love to do more research but am at a brick wall. Here's the thread I made on Kasso a while back: [link to godlikeproductions.com]

Just a lil more food for thought...
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