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Message Subject "My Amityville" documentary. George Lutz-a Long Island luciferian/illuminati linked/related to Defeo? Family Op just like Sandy Hook?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hmmm, so we got logistical issues just like Sandy Hook and James Holmes.

Something else to ponder ...

This was the rifle used by Ronald DeFeo Jr, a .35 lever-action carbine, with a total round capacity of 6 + 1. So considering that Butch had one already in the chamber, he had a total of seven rounds to go throughout the house with that night. Yet it is said that each Ronald Sr. and Louise were shot twice, and then Allison, Dawn, Marc, and John were shot once each. That's eight rounds fired. So at some point he had to stop and reload.

In the dark and running from room to room, shaky from adrenaline, and purportedly high on heroine, it seems even more unlikely this all played out without other family members waking up to see what was happening. Scared or not.

For anyone familiar with firearms, a weapon of that caliber isn't particularly quiet. Fired in a house, it would in fact be deafening. On the first shot, everyone would be propelled out of bed from the sudden shock of it alone.

And the theory that everyone stayed in bed out of fear doesn't sit well with me. I mean, if you knew you were about to be executed, especially by your brother, wouldn't emotions be running high enough to be up and at least arguing, pleading? No one would simply comply with the demand to roll over on your stomach so I don't have to look you in the face while I do this.

Had forensics been done on the bullets? Did they match the rifling to the same gun used? Why was there a handgun holster dumped with other items inside a storm drain, yet no handgun used?

How in-depth of an autopsy was done on the bodies? Were they perhaps all knocked unconscious before he went to his parents' room?

Or might they all have been in on it, knowing that something was going to take place that night, and told to stay in bed?

Still so many things about this that leave me scratching my head.
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