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Message Subject "My Amityville" documentary. George Lutz-a Long Island luciferian/illuminati linked/related to Defeo? Family Op just like Sandy Hook?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This place looks like a dark portal that is opened up to the underworld. Being ritualistically murdered with all victims facedown would be towards hell, right? Here's something that might be clues to dark portals. There are only two states that make 666 in gematria. One is New Mexico which has many weird things in it including secret military installations with the legend of Dulce and Roswell at the top of the list plus the devil's highway numbered 666. The other one is New York where the center of banking is. I made a case for the code word of Ban "K" going back to the J and K removal in the Italian language. The Montauk project is on the tip of this island. And worth mentioning again is the fact that this hamlet is in the town of Babylon.
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