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Message Subject "My Amityville" documentary. George Lutz-a Long Island luciferian/illuminati linked/related to Defeo? Family Op just like Sandy Hook?
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And... the walls of Jericho come tumbling down, but on a macrocosmic worldwide scale now for the good guys. Threads like this one are good to air out the dirty laundry. I am curious. Someone said michael aquino was the head of the NSA for at time. Do you have exact dates? I think I can do alot with that information. is an ip address for Ft. Huachuca, AZ (Army Intel) and is an ip address for DOD central computers in Columbus, OH. I think some interesting things are going to come up in the world of mind control with the use of stimoceivers and RFID chips.
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yes interesting things on the next wave.
the devil is a trickster. that is how his mind operates. it's all about trickery. and they have it down to a science and they work at building that technology more and more until they think they can capture every thought that comes out, control every thought that goes in, and provide visuals that will fool even the elect.

shit's getting real. very real.

those IP numbers are interesting.
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open your heart- discernment will follow
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