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Bank Holiday to be Followed by Stock Market Closure

Robber Baron
User ID: 25369551
United States
03/18/2013 11:59 AM
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Bank Holiday to be Followed by Stock Market Closure
welcome to bankster reality

at the end of the debt cycle, the world is unable to pay back trillions and trillions of illegal and immoral and fictious debt

so the bankster criminals want to seize your savings

but this led to a run and the cyprus holiday extended to friday maybe indefinetley

how can they ever let you back into the bank if they are planning on seizing your account? this is war, you little people are going to be ass raped by the wealthy ruling class

so any moment a world wide bank run and stock sell off is likely as the people take their money and run, pre-emptively before the seizure

welcome to a greater depression

join you local nationalist party, kill the bankers