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Message Subject The RFID chip is the final nail ..., its the materialization of the mark of the beast you're wearing since you've lost the Golden Path
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what if the chip's got stopped from being rolled out and only a few had them and that few held the commandment's and way of Christ at a joined level and understanding of them all allowing the gift of free will to navigate the false lights in the world and see wicked sins concealed in good. mapping all wicked forces in the world creating a living online bible that translate the worlds of the trinity for all creations, trends mankind makes still allowing us as a beautiful image of him in this beautiful but ever changing environment. On top of this the people holding the chips can go back in there mind with the Holy trinity and repent.

This creates the worlds of the lord for a Bible with that no one can deny the second coming of Christ. example For the tracking down evilness and drowning the world . with the faithful to hold God's Truth that has brought the floods for the restoration.

We are in the time of the LORD'S HOST General of the KING's Army. These guards of and the Bible will continues teaching all and guild the survivors .

And to anyone how cares can the trueman show kid really I'm really remove the man creation of the chip out of him. The Answer is no the power of repent from the Holy trinity will do fine.
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