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CSPAN Uses Gay Marriage Coverage To Block Cyprus Banking News: Day Two!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 33979389
United Kingdom
03/27/2013 03:55 PM
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CSPAN Uses Gay Marriage Coverage To Block Cyprus Banking News: Day Two!
Yes a second full day of wall to wall gay marriage fom the right wing CSPAN that is owned by one of the largest corporations in America,is frequented round the clock by the extreme right wing Heritage Foundation,The Corporate Loving U.S.Chamber of Commerce and the Illuminist Brookings institute.

So you're telling me that this channel just loooooves gay marriage sooo much thatthey are gonna dedicate WHOLE DAYS to its coverage?


This is a fucking News Black out.

CSPAN is dedicated to representing the interests of money and "Free Markets" every morning. They rig their call in lines with people reading off of right wing scripts.

These tools don't want Americans to even remotely be aware of whats going on in Cyprus with the theft of those Bank deposits so they are blocking their fucked up channel with the distraction of gay all day marriage.

You really think these John Birch society mother fuckers give a shit about gay marriage over there at CSPAN.

This is why the American public pisses me off.