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Message Subject I just woke up from a massive ufo invasion dream! WEIRD
Poster Handle DC2C
Post Content
Posted this elsewhere:

A possibility...

The US is hated throughout all the world because of our imperialistic, greedy, warmongering meddling throughout various nations and lands. We have killed more people in our young life through various means, than any throughout history. The war in Iraq has drawn the world closer to each other, while we are being forced into isolation. We worship liberty and freedom, while denying the responsibility that goes along with it. We worship our material possessions, our status in society, and many worship their intellectual abilities. We worship idols every minute of every day, whether itīs movie stars, musicians, spouses, children, members of the opposite sex, animals, nature, technological tools, you name it. We are a society of promiscuity, perversion, and self-indulgance, with much blood on our hands.

An incoming armada (angels/aliens, asteroids, nuclear warheads?)inflicts such devestation upon America/Mystery Babylon, that total devestion wipes out most of it, with very little remaining. During this time, mankind will curse GOD even more openly than they already do.

This destruction of Mystery Babylon will cause the world to go into the death throes of chaos. The entire global economy will be non-existant, with wars, famines, plagues/pestilences, natural catastrophies, and death inflicting every man on earth. This causes the world to cry out for help, but they look in the wrong direction for their salvation. They look to mere men (or perhaps aliens/demons) for safety and deliverance, they seek protection and provision.

Upon crying out for the woes that have come upon this world, a leader will rise up, promising to deliver them. This leader may already be a ruler today, or one behind the scenes, or it may be another armada of "alien" spacecraft which appears throughout all the world. These spacecrafts may land in various places, such as atop of the ziggurats positioned throughout the earth. When the crew come out of the spacecraft, they may announce that the one the world seeks is in the "hidden chamber", in the "secret place", in the desert. Then they lead all of mankind, whosoever will go, to the land of Egypt.

But the main player may be the spacecraft that will land in Egypt. Perhaps this main player will hold some sort of key to open the great pyramid of Giza, where once opened, a man-like creature will descend from the "kings chamber", and proclaim to be the worlds messiah/savior. He will deceive those of this world, the carnal man, by offering/promising what it is that people want most in their hearts, yet he will not deliver. He even works signs and wonders, that even the Elect are tempted to go unto him.

This man-like creature will force all to take a mark declaring their allegience to him, which pledging allegience is the same as worship. If one refuses, that person is put to death. There will be many who refuse, and perhaps their deaths will become an "entertainment" of sorts, much like in the olden days of Rome and Greece (lions den, gladiators, guillotines, etc).

After this man-like creature rules for a short space of time, there will be a great war (Armageddon), when CHRIST JESUS comes with HIS Holy Oneīs, to put to rest Satan and his minions for a period of 1000 years.

I just began reading the books America: The Babylon. I read the excerpts posted on the website [link to americathebabylon.com]

But upon reading and studying this book and how it pertains to Scripture, this thought above entered into my heart. Just thought I would share it.

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