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Message Subject HALLIBURTON gives sewage water to the troops to drink!! Time to eliminate them..
Poster Handle Anonymer Held
Post Content
What immoral bunch?

I think it's disgusting ... but I keep thinking that these troops supported the Prez. Not that I think loyalty needs to be repaid this way, but God! Who didn't know that little shit was lying?! (Anwering my own question posed) Apparently a lot of people!

I still think it's disgusting that they're getting filthy water.

But wasn't there a film on the web about soldiers sitting around shooting dogs in the head? And wasn't there that other documentary about soldiers collecting pieces of skulls?

I don't know. All this delving into morality ... it gets me confused. Let me just say this ...

Nobody should be drinking contaminated water. And Haliburton needs to be prosecuted for getting a kabillion dollars to serve contaminated water to American troops.

Even if they don't belong in Iraq.

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