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Message Subject My grandmothers breast cancer has came back for the 3rd time. she wants to try the natural way now. any advice?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Calin: It was YOU who brought me that knowledge.Hope your sister is well and recovering!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37239867

Hi my friend! So, you have been enlightened about salvestrols!?? High five!

My sister was given 6 months if she took chemo and radiation. She finished them over a month ago. She has now stopped all treatment and is on hospice / palliative care. No more chemo. I started her on salvestrols weeks ago - 6000 points per day as recommended by Dr Potter.

She is 87 pounds and still throws up in the middle of the night from the chemo side effects I think. She is weak and on morphine... but still here! Now if she would just stop smoking, I think she would have a better chance to kick the inoperable cancer nodules in her lungs using only salvestrols. Carbon monoxide from smoking inhibits the CYP1B1 enzyme in cancer cells and we want them expressed so the salvestrols can cause apoptosis (cell death) in the cells.

Thank you for your inquiry. ;)

I order them from www.salvestrols.ca
 Quoting: calin

WoW! Smoking doesn't help anything and if she haven't quit yet it's because she doesn't think to have much chance of survival...I say this because a father of friend of mine had the same attitude.But,who am I to say or know what your sister feels?
It's up to you,family and friends to turn her around!I really hope she gets well hf
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