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Message Subject Give up everything and move to Maui?
Poster Handle Mauibrad
Post Content
A volcanic island chain that's even closer to Fukushima. Not me.

Although I would add, follow your heart, not your mind.
When you ask yourself, "move to Maui?" How does it FEEL in your heart? Feels good, then yes. Heart sinks, then no.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25716930

Fukushima is not really a problem for Hawaii. Oregon, Washington, BC and Alaska get more fallout from Fukushima than Hawaii does because Hawaii is usually well south of the path that the fallout is taking (jet stream). Hawaii did get fallout in 2011, but that is done. Only problem is if SFP4 (or one of the other SFPs) drops or permanently loses cooling, then maybe Hawaii could have a problem.

 Quoting: Mauibrad

Don't forget, they were using sea water for cooling and dumping that back into the ocean as well. So it's not just in the air. Also the polar ice caps are melting away incredibly fast, which doesn't necessarily cause sea levels to rise, but causes the seafloor to be pushed down from extra water weight. Causing islands to sink. Plus, just look at EQ's on the ring of fire lately. Tsunami threats are there too. And once again, living around active volcanoes or fault lines just isn't my cup of tea. Just saying. Not Me. Not saying I have lots of fear, just a realist trying to survive. Although, I bet its beautiful and I would love to see Kilauea, just not live there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25716930

Yeah, I've been reading the best research on that radiated seawater dumping and the estimates are that within a few years the contamination may be as high as 2 becquerel per (cubic meter) of water in the region of Hawaii in the years ahead. That is not bad. Shower off after being in the ocean and will be fine with that. Comparatively, a more dense measurement, you can EAT 3 becquerels per kilogram and be OK, but I DO NOT recommend eating any fish from the Northern Pacific as it is likely to be more than 3 beq/Kg. Also recommend not being in the rain when a Low pressure system is coming from up north and raining in Hawaii, it could have fallout in it.

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