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Message Subject Give up everything and move to Maui?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
things to consider when you move to hawaii. the so called local people hate white people. there is constant mowing, weed wacking, tree trimming, noise pollution. roosters that never shut up. people are flakey.every other house has a dog that barks 24/7. they spray poison everywhere for weed control.herbicides, pesticides,roundup soil and air is contaminated.on maui they still burn sugar cane, so you don't want to live down wind. the ocean is pretty rough we have had too many drownings.good thing about kauai is the golf is cheap to play and you can play all year round. i would rent first until you can find a spot you are comfortable.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11314737

Hawaiians only hate STUPID haolis

I live with Hawaiians and am about as white as they come
 Quoting: Rev StarGazer

Its becuase you're a woman you don't notice. Racism is basically men fighting over territory, resources and women. Chimpanzees will attack other males when they enter their territory but not females. The females they are nice too and actually try to get them to join their tribe.This is why some non-white males can mate with white women yet still dislike white males.
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