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Strange contact happened tonight...

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04/06/2013 12:09 AM
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Strange contact happened tonight...
Now i call my self advanced dreamer, i dream a lot different things places, contacts. But strange thing happened tonight.
First of all i NEVER dreamed before my current living place. It was like in blocked place of dreaming. But not tonight... Only my room had light (very bright). I stand outside open doors in the corridor. And i felt some kind ET in the end hiding in bathroom. He was scared of me, wanted just watch (typical demon or spectator behavior), i always feel entities around me even it is in waking life, if its bad i get goosebumps. So i said hi to him and we talked abit. i dont know why he wanted to stay hidden from me, but i think i could kill him if he would make any wrong move and he was alone. I saw many species of aliens in my dreams and his energy was familiar for me, so i decided he was an grey one (only species i saw but not talked at all, they dont show them self in small numbers, only from 3-5). I asked him why they not showing themself to humanity. He said: if they will show, humans will loose all jobs and will be worthless. Because they have better technology and intelligence. we have short conversation about personal things and i was very curious how he looks. so i started to try turn on lights in corridor but failed he was blocking. then turned light on my head but then i succeed i felt he was gone and wake up fast. Told my girlfriend what just happened and went to sleep again. This morning she said, after you wake me up i back to your dream exactly the same place. And the same ET, they talked like old buddies, talk was long but not remember few things from this talk. She said they was holding their hands but she saw only hand. it was small with long bony fingers.

It was only dream so not interested in BS flags and not believers. Not everything must be done in flesh world.
My mission here to create heaven in this world.
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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37491226
United States
04/06/2013 12:34 AM
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Re: Strange contact happened tonight...
Thank you for sharing. I find that very interesting. hf

User ID: 36994774
United Kingdom
04/06/2013 12:47 AM
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Re: Strange contact happened tonight...
Sorry dude but it was a dream......
We are not children of celestial fuckin' light, walkin' arm-in-arm into the Age of Aquarius. We are wankers who wreck the planet an' piss on each other, 'til half the world's starvin' an' the other half's busy findin' new ways to keep from noticin' it. That's the fuckin' limit've our potential, believe me.