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Subject join pleading for rapture [ no hate ]
Poster Handle lone
Post Content
[ if you dont like the topic...please move on...thank you ]

im not used to starting threads
but i need all of your help

Do criticize me -
but promise you Think for yourself

..ive watched, for years now, rapture forums,
and im hurt with what i see

there is no-one, who ever considers, how deeply He wants His rule to appear
..so sweet, powerful Rule

'rapture' is not about 'escapism',
as in some ticket to escape the hard times upon us soon

rapture means that His rule has started: officially

..im truely at the end of my power
its either rapture or Death

isnt it so,
that He requires but 2 souls to agree on something -
and He will do it ..?

..so please plead with me,
in the understanding that rapture is the start of His rule
[ Rev 12:10 ]
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