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Message Subject join pleading for rapture [ no hate ]
Poster Handle lone
Post Content
..for your consideration -

this awful hologram we live in, has ended -
and this period was [Evil's] Horus age

..you ve all seen I pet Goat II
where 'osiris' is coming up from the underworld

osiris = the next starting era of Evils rule

..we re at a most crucial turning point now;
and Evil wants to continue Its rule,
passing on the sceptre of Rule [ more about that later]

..this is why He waits the 144000
144000 Attributes
which are realtime-souls, as well
144000 Attributes, representing all of His creation

and when thóse are Freed
[ in what we call 'rapture']
that is the moment, He starts His sweet Rule,
according to the So above So below

and that is why this world will get Dark
right after that,
..because Evil will have lost - legally - in heaven.
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