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Message Subject join pleading for rapture [ no hate ]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can i have your car and the money in your wallet after disappear? That would be great. I wanted to ask you guys though, it doesnt seem right looting your junk after you leave without at least asking a few of you first.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36602553


honey i think you missed the point here ?

this is about YOU

...tell me: what on earth you d want to do with all the junk, in this shithole world, be it cars or gold, when you can have a gorgious being ?
 Quoting: lone 1644220

I cant accept god. I just cant. he doesn't treat us like a loving father. No don't argue that, i am a father and i know in my heart he treats his children badly. Even if he condems
me too hell, i cant accept his version of love of justice.

I could hook the fam up with some new gear after yall bail though.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36602553

This worlds justice system..while unfair in a lot of cases usually fits the punishment to the crime.

You speed..you get a fine..you steal..you get a bigger fine and locked away for a bit..you kill..you get locked away for a fair while..

But Gods justice system is the opposite..

You steal..you get tortured forever without mercy..

You swear even..same result..you do anything wrong no matter how big or small..and its TORTURE TIME!!!!


And HIS ways are supposed to above OURS?

How many fathers on earth would torture their kids for the rest of their lives for stealing a cookie from the cookie jar?

NONE..except the really fucked up ones who DO get locked awy for doing it..

But when GOD does it..we honor him and build churches in his name...

Satan would be so proud of it.
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