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Message Subject Abortionist Slit Necks of Born Babies in Front of Teenager; Told Assistant: 'That's What You Call a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This story sounds like bullshit propaganda.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5974218

where you been ?

this is already COLD OLD NEWS
that the esteemed Ministry of Propaganda
simply neglected to report.

and right balong with every single OTHER abomination from pLanned parenthood stating this is fine to do
and all the other lib prOgressive political whores AGREEING WITH.

what the hell did you imagine the court approved partial birth abortion procedure to be ?
so these poor infants were born alive and OUT so they were murdered anyway
cause what's the difference AMONG THEM ?

still in the birth canal getting their spines severed
or OUT ???? same waste to THEM and thier big MONEY MAKING UNREGULATED BUSINESS.

research IT ALL YOURSELF but do NOT start due to ONLY conservative prolife websites carrying this

infanticide etc are done daily

and again,the lamestream mediyuuu DECIDES WHAT'S FIT TO GET OUT.

REMOVING THE 2ND AMENDMENT/SANDY HOOK was simply more important than infanticide.

funny they never bothered with all the homicides in chicongo over the course of a NORMAL WEEKEND to strip Americans of their 2nd amendment rights--but that's ON another thread....
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