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Message Subject Abortionist Slit Necks of Born Babies in Front of Teenager; Told Assistant: 'That's What You Call a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is an absolutely true story and not the first time Gosnell did something so horrific. In the seventies he "invented" a screw type of device meant to make abortions in the second trimester easier. It killed a woman and gave several others infections. He only used it in one day when he performed abortions on poor women who were in their second trimester as a publicity stunt.

Most abortionists will not perform abortions after 24 weeks and even then it is uncommon. Gosnell's story is not typical but most abortion clinics are extremely dirty and unprofessional. Most doctors have been sued or needed money and couldn't get it done the mainstream way so they do abortions. Gosnell was a millionaire after all. I am wondering if he was half black and half Jewish.
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