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Seems like with a lot of these "date setters" and "we know when the rapture is going to happen" types that they've decided if they just keep on naming various dates/times eventually one of them will hit it. Problem is you never know which one until after the fact. I do wish they'd handle their own lives and let GOD take care of the things that are HIS decisions to make. If the Return of Jesus takes place, or the rapture happens tomorrow, it's fine with me. And if it happens in another 50 years I won't be here to see it - not in this body anyway. So that's okay, too. Why are these idiots so worried about it? Either you know you're going to heaven or you know you are not. Believing in Jesus and being saved is something that leaves very little room for doubt. Once you accept that Heavenly Yoke, your point of view changes and the ability to trust in HIM goes up tremendously, too.

Honestly the only ones who should REALLY worry are those who wake up and see the headlines about millions disappearing (probably some North Korean or Muslim plot -- will no doubt be the sub-text implied if not actually stated) and no one know where they went or how they managed to all leave at once.

Planes crashed when the pilot disappeared. Farmers on tractors disappeared and their tractor continued on plowing the interstate. Thousands of auto accidents in the same few minutes time because a number of cars were suddenly without their drivers or passengers or both. It will be blamed on something evil from aliens to a terrorist attack. Congress will pass laws making disappearing illegal. Anyone caught doing so will be arrested and charged as a terrorist in training or something. We may get the Patriot Act III and IV out of it! Or more! Expect the governments of the world to be scrambling to explain it and blame it and spin it. They won't be able to come up with anything other than the truth and that's the last thing they're going to admit to publicly.

But if you are one of those people who wakes up that day or evening and all the others are gone, then get yourself a bible and start reading. Start in the Book of Matthew first to get the background on Jesus life and ministry on earth. And learn how he was killed by the very people who he came to save. The move on to Revelation to see what else is in store for you over the next few years. It isn't pretty. Many will die. But some will survive and be taken to be with the Lord at the end of it all. There are 3.5 years or less until the end of days and the time that Jesus returns to claim this earth as his own. The faithful who were killed because they are Christians or because they refused to take the "mark" of the beast, or other such reason will only be dead for a short while. They will be back with Jesus when he comes to finally claim the earth for his own. The Book of Revelation tells you about the bowls and the vials of various types of wrath that are poured out on the earth. Much will happen and it will be awful. But there will be an end to it.

It is now six thousand years since The Lord GOD ALL MIGHTY put Adam and Eve in the Garden and restarted this earth once again. Satan ruined their chances of remaining there as God had intended. But he did not ruin their chances of living forever with the Lord.

Bye the way, you'll probably be labeled a "terrorist" if you let the whole world know you're a Christian especially after the rapture has given the governments of the world such a rough time to explain it away. So unless and until you know you are with fellow believers who are sincere and not a plant to get you arrested - be very careful who you share your new faith with. The bible advises us to be as "gentle as doves, and as cunning as serpents"

Bye the way - at this time there should be no question in your mind about the accuracy of scripture and prophecy contained in the bible. The Powers that Be know what is going to happen. Satan knows too. You can pray and trust in GOD and ask for his protection and help. He will not abandon you and he will not allow you to be harmed. Oh, you may loose your life, but you won't be in pain and you won't be afraid for he'll be there with you. And in the twinkling of an eye, you'll be changed from this earthly body that they can destroy to a heavenly body that cannot be destroyed. Yes, there's a lot to look forward to. Sorry you missed the first crew. But there is room for more. Just ask HIM into your HEART and live your life as best you can to adhere to his principals and commandments. And PRAY. Every day PRAY. He will hear you and he does answer prayers. Help others as they are put in your path. In olden times people often fed and housed strangers and later found out they'd been entertaining angels of God. You may still run across an angel now and then. Be kind to your fellow man. Don' tbe stupid or a wimp but be kind and deal gently with those around you. You will be one of the few who have the knowledge of what's going to happen next and what you can do about it. Share your knowledge very carefully. Pick your shots in terms of who you tell and who you do not. You can make it thru the next 3.5 years or less if you're careful and avoid obvious situations where you could easily be shot or arrested, etc.

Above all, when they start putting a "chip" in everyone, tying it to your bank and credit cards and social security records and medical records - although it may be "voluntary" at first and sound like a great idea - this chip does more than they're telling you. It will change your very DNA and make you something not human any longer.It will "Mark" you as one of SATAN's own on a Molecular Level and it cannot be reversed. Once you have taken that chip, you belong to SATAN and have no place in heven any longer. We think the chip will be "voluntary" except they may well threaten to behead those who do not volunteer to take it. If that happens, let them kill you. You'll only be dead for a few seconds. Better than eternity in hell. And when that few seconds of "death" is over, you will be with Christ and you will never face death again. You will be immortal, in a new body and live forever in a city called "New Jerusalem". The last chapter of Revelation tells you about New Jerusalem. It's going to be one amazing place to call home. Read and learn. And PRAY for those around you that they may be safe and find God even at this late hour.
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