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Elenin and Nibiru alignments (of the past)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6253502
United States
04/19/2013 03:50 PM
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Elenin and Nibiru alignments (of the past)
I wanted to share this snippet from the list of alignments and corresponding disasters/events, from the past, when focus was on "Comet ELENIN" alignments. The comet, later to be understood to be ahead of Nibiru; so, while the alignments were specifically with Elenin, they were generally also alignments of the dwarf star (the real influence, which perturbed Neptune and Uranus, put white track marks on Saturn's atmosphere, tilted Saturn during the famous "Christmas tilt", made Jupiter's spot and stripe disappear, caused quakes on Mars and Venus, and has extracted X-flares disturbances from our Sun).

As astrologers will understand, events don't always manifest exactly on the precise day of alignment. There is an "orb" of influence to either side. The planets are always in motion, so sometimes things come just ahead of an alignment, or a little later, but can still be said to be caused by the high-mass object.

What follows includes alignments of Elenin(and Nibiru) with, not just Earth, but the Sun and Mercury, etc.

----quote from the list:

February 22, 2003: Elenin-Earth-Sun alignment. February 24th: an earthquake measuring 6.4 struck Xinjiang province, China.

February 19, 2004: Elenin-Earth-Sun alignment. February 24th: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck northern Morocco. 628 dead; 15,000+ homeless.

August 10, 2004: Elenin-Sun-Earth alignment. August 11th: Hurricane Charley caused $1-billion damage; grew into Category 4 by August 13th, caused more than 2 million to be evacuated, ended up doing $7.4 billion damage and killing 31. August 29th: Typhoon Chaba with record high winds. Other typhoons or tropical storms (Gaston) occurred in same month.

August 15, 2005: Elenin-Sun-Earth alignment. August 16th: 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook northern Japan. August 14th: death toll from strongest typhoon to hit China in half a century rose to 255. Flooding in India and Pakistan. August 20th: earthquake measuring 7.0 struck in Scotia Sea, south of South America. August 25th: Hurricane Katrina killed 14 in Florida, on its way to the Gulf and Louisiana (29th-30th).

August 16, 2007: Elenin-Sun-Earth alignment. August 15th: 8.0 earthquake in Peru, killing at least 337 people, injuring hundreds more.

February 22, 2009: Elenin-Earth-Sun alignment. February 17th: 9 earthquakes in Chile (3.5, 3.9, etc.). February 18th: 13 earthquakes (magnitudes 3.6 to 3.9). February 19th: a swarm of earthquakes (3.6 to 4.2), then also on the 19th the Chaiten volcano erupted, its dome collapsing... lateral explosion, ash and pryoclastic flows.

August 30, 2009: Elenin-Sun-Earth alignment. A strong earthquake measuring 6.6 jolts Samoa.

February 28, 2010: Elenin-Earth-Sun alignment (and ALSO a general Jupiter-Sun-Earth alignment). February 27, 2010: 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. January-February 2010: second largest swarm of (small) earthquakes at Madison Plateau in Yellowstone National Park--so much that a seismologist suggested evacuating for 200miles around the park, saying all pre-requisites for a major eruption were there.

September 4th, 2010: Elenin-Sun-Earth alignment. A 7.1 Magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand.

March 11-15th, 2011: Elenin-Earth-Sun alignment and (on the 11th) 9.0 Magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Days prior, on March 7th, Hawaiian volcano Kilauea erupts, causing more than 150 detectable earthquakes in the area.

May 19th, 2011: Elenin-Sun-Venus alignment. Supposed 8.4 Magnitude earthquake near Libya (but this is unconfirmed, as it's no longer on any seismic lists; however IS all over the internet about this magnitude quake). There were multiple 5.0+ Magnitude earthquakes this day, the strongest (other than the unconfirmed one) being a 5.8 Magnitude earthquake in Western Turkey--and that one was followed within 19 minutes by a 5.2. Earlier, there was a 5.5 in Honshu, Japan.

May 29th, 2011: Elenin-Sun-Mercury alignment. 5.9 Magnitude quake Southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia.

July 6-9th, 2011: Elenin-Mercury-Sun alignment. On July 6th there were multiple 5.0+ Magnitude earthquakes, the strongest being a 7.4 Magnitude earthquake in the Kermadec Islands Region, where most of the strong ones occurred this day. On July 7th there were many 5.0+ Magnitude earthquakes, the strongest being a 6.0 Magnitude earthquake in the Kermadec Islands Region. On July 8th there were multiple 5.0+ Magnitude earthquakes, the strongest being 5.6 in Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia. On July 9th there were multiple 5.0+ Magnitude earthquakes, the strongest being 7.0 (first reported as M7.3; and some still say 7.1) off the East coast of Honshu, Japan. [though not Elenin-related, the first half of July saw an astrological Grand Square | Grand Cross (Western Astrology) and, particularly between July 6th and 9th a Jupiter-Mercury Opposition (Heliocentric Astrology)

[The list does NOT constitute all of the alignments, nor the corresponding events]

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 6253502
United States
04/26/2013 07:45 PM
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Re: Elenin and Nibiru alignments (of the past)