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Message Subject What the $:@* is karma!?
Poster Handle wisc_natureboy
Post Content
"Msmithspeanut1 has not received any karma votes yet."

I am certain this will change. LoL

In a nutshell, kharma is GLP currency.
It has variable value depending what you spend it on.
100 kharma points upgrades your acct. for a month.
It costs US$10/month so each kharma point is valued at US$.10
200 points to upgrade somebody else, so in this instance,
1 kharma point is valued at US$.05

10 points for a global pin (thread stays on page 1 for a few hours). Some here would say that is valued way more than US$1.00.

Hope that helps.

How one goes about accumulating kharma points is a different story however. ;-`)
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