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Subject Why all the craziness and twisted media stories lately? Maybe this explains it...
Poster Handle Damrod
Post Content
With all of the recent activities…violence, accidents, tragedies…and the accompanying theories and speculations…I wanted to remind everyone of a little bit of legislation that was passed and is not talked about much.

This helps to answer to the question of whether or not it is possible for our
Leaders and officials to lie to us…yes, it is true and it is apparently legal for them to do it…

[link to vigilantcitizen.com]

[link to consortiumnews.com]

[link to endoftheamericandream.com]

There is more sources out there, but good luck finding much discussion in the “usual” mainstream outlets.

If you don’t like these sources I plucked off the front search page, feel free to search for yourself…there are many more out there. I was not overly concerned about these sources as I was more concerned with putting the topic up to remind everyone that this happened.

So the question comes down to this…has our officials been using this new tool in overtime mode? It appears that nearly nothing we are being told in the main stream media can be trusted at face value…there is always a spin or a twist…a secondary agenda involved.

This legislation made it perfectly legal to misdirect the herds…Now, how is that for the Gov working for you? Seems more like against…

But that is just my opinion…
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