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Is 100,000 Litres Too Small A Spill To Report? -- Manitoba's Dark, Oily Secret

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04/26/2013 12:17 PM
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Is 100,000 Litres Too Small A Spill To Report? -- Manitoba's Dark, Oily Secret
It oozed oil for a confirmed 10 days, or a rumoured 30, depending on the source. But the oil spill, one of the province’s largest, went unnoticed by most media outlets. Upwards of 100,000 litres, approx., 500 barrels, of oil spilled out a broken underground flow line near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, covering an area equivalent in size to two football fields a half mile from Carlyle Jorgensen’s farmland and mere metres from Jackson Creek in an area of the province known to house many rare plant and animal species. The leak is reported to have started end of January of this year. The Brandon Sun was the only major news source to cover the spill. Sun reporter Graeme Bruce broke his usual silence and gave other media, Spectator Tribune, the information it needed to start investigating the story, in the interest of getting the word out.

It seems a newly-proposed national pipeline and Alberta’s recent bout with controversy have wrested attention from the events happening in our own backyard. What other excuse is there for the secrecy? Is 100,000 litres of spilled oil too small to report?

[link to spectatortribune.com]