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Uh-oh Germany: Police hope to use new spyware

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United States
04/28/2013 02:35 AM
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Uh-oh Germany: Police hope to use new spyware
[link to www.dw.de]

The application can search a hard drive and download its contents in a matter of minutes. Pages viewed on the internet are saved as screenshots, webcams and microphones can be activated remotely, and all keystrokes are automatically logged. Every Skype conversation can be recorded before it can be scrambled. If necessary, access to the computer can be re-established at any time, in order for new spy Trojans to be downloaded onto it. And the computer's owner will never be the wiser.


According to the German Pirate Party, the security forces are not sticking to these laws. Together with the collective the "Chaos Computer Club," the Pirate Party ensured that the first version of the spyware application that the police used was outlawed by uncovering its security flaws. Since then, the federal police has been developing new software in a specially established "center of competence." Since this could take one or two years to complete, investigators are now hoping to buy an "interim solution" on the market.
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