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Debunking Comet ISON Conspiracy Theories (No, ISON is Not Nibiru)

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04/30/2013 10:47 AM
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Debunking Comet ISON Conspiracy Theories (No, ISON is Not Nibiru)
Comets always seem to bring ‘em out of the wood work.

There’s a scene from the 1998 movie Deep Impact where the president, played by Morgan Freeman, reveals a terrible truth… the U.S. government has known for over a year that a doomsday comet is headed straight towards Earth, with Hollywood CGI destruction sure to follow.

While dramatic, the scenario is also extremely implausible. On any given evening, amateur astronomers are sweeping the skies using telescopes mounted in backyard observatories that are the envy of many major universities. This effort to discover comets is collaborative and worldwide. If the “Big One” were headed our way, even the likes of Morgan Freeman couldn’t keep it secret.

Trouble is, many unfounded claims are already making their way around the internet about this years’ much anticipated “Comet of the Century,” C/2012 S1 ISON.

Many of these conspiracy theories seem to be a recycling of last years’ Nibiru nonsense. The train of thought runs something like this: Does NASA know something that they’re not telling us? Why are they so interested in this comet? We’ve even had folks ask us why certain patches of Google Earth are “blacked out!”

What ARE they hiding, man?

It’s funny how pseudoscience seems to bubble to the top on YouTube, but I won’t give these conspiracy videos the exposure of the Universe Today platform. With hundreds of thousands of hits, they certainly don’t seem to need it. A simple YouTube search of “ISON” will scare up many wacky ideas about the comet.

In any event, we’ve already fielded several questions from friends and the public on the “dangers” posed by this comet, so we can only imagine that these will grow in intensity as the comet approaches the inner solar system, especially if it performs up to expectations.

[link to www.universetoday.com]

User ID: 36670071
United States
04/30/2013 02:20 PM
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Re: Debunking Comet ISON Conspiracy Theories (No, ISON is Not Nibiru)
Hey folks,

Comets are not dirty snow balls as they repeat always (see Lovejoy and it's dive to the Sun), and this article regards to this kind of objects.

If you believe that ice can exist in this form in the outer space, that dirty snow balls can reflect color lights, emanates strong x-rays, survive to diving to the Sun, small but with tails stretching all the Solar System, and they can do all of this being black, dry and hot, so this article is for you.

If you know there is something wrong with this picture, go listen to James McCanney. He was the first scientist in the world to debunk 2012 rumors and have a very better explanation about the nature of the comets than NASA does...
Listen to McCanney: [link to jmccsci.com]

User ID: 26088312
United States
04/30/2013 02:39 PM
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Re: Debunking Comet ISON Conspiracy Theories (No, ISON is Not Nibiru)
Aw c'mon!