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Subject New message from the Creator- Dawn Approach!!!
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
I have posted many times in respect of 'HIS' messages using football teams, golf tournaments, horse races etc.
Here is one of 'HIS' today using the classic Newmarket 2000 guineas race.
1st Dawn Approach
2nd Glory Awaits
I have also said that 'HIS' numbers have changed from 7 to 8 to reflect that the 6 days of earth formation and the one day of soul perfection is ending NOW and the 8th day will start with the new Dawn Approach(ing).

Look for the 'HIS' messages in the Kentucky Derby tonight.
Will it be 'Will take charge', 'Falling Sky', 'Golden soul' and make it 'My lucky day'!!!

I bet on the two horses above. Glory Awaits came 2nd at My given odds of 250-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other winners today were Universal and Perfect Sole!!!!!

Believe in 'US' as 'WE' believe in you
Bless you
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