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Doom-Fever prediction.

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United Kingdom
05/07/2013 07:35 PM

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Doom-Fever prediction.
I predict an outbreak of astro-doom in a coupla weeks' time.

There's a conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury coming up.
From about 20th May, Venus will start to become prominent in the West after sunset (Venus always brings out the astro-doom-tards)
Jupiter heading towards the Sun, will pass Mercury and Venus between the 26th and 30th.

26th - Jupiter Venus and Mercury make an equilateral triangle, low to the west after sunset, approximately 2º apart. Jupiter to the left, Venus lower-right, mercury upper-right.

27th and 28th - Jupiter and Venus only about one degree apart (closest on the 28th)

30th, 31st and into June - All three in a fairly straight line - Mercury upper, Venus in the middle - Jupiter lower.

Watch all the astro-doom-tards come out in force.
Also expect multiple wobbly-out-of-focus Youtube 'UFO' videos

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