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Message Subject Castro's Used their Daughter Arlene to Lure in Gina Dejesus and Amanda Berry!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I feel this crminals daughter,wife,sons all knew about these girls.How fuck some one does not know what is happening inside their own house.They should be deaf and dumb assholes.It is not a big house.How the fuck, they cant hear even child's cry.All of them are responsible.their lives should be robbed in return
 Quoting: Hikaru-Kami

read the articles...

the family was broke up

10 years ago, the son was 21 years old

the son explains not wanting to see his dad after the divorce in the '90s...

daughters were probably victums,

castro was a SCHOOL bus driver...wonder if it was special needs kids...was he raping them too?

Would like to know if he drove the 'short bus'.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33891573

found on another thread that this guy DID drive the short bus and that there were at least two incidents where this man picked up a child for school and KEPT the child for the whole day...not delivering him to the school...two times caught! 2004 and 2009(or 07) not sure which.

One article stated that the Gina girl was in special ed classes.

She knew this man...statistics support that majority of rapes and molestations are by people known to the victum.
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