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Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30169720
United States
05/08/2013 10:40 AM
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Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
I saw the movie lockout last week and here's the things i took notice.

As soon the movie begins they show a guy getting punched by the cia to spit out his intel. Pay attention to the tattoo on the back of his neck, it looks like a cube and also like a 3d illuminati pyramid with the top floating exatly like on the one dollar bill.
When he mentioned the name "mace" it reminded me the maze of the cube movies/lunar max preison.

They did to him the strategy loki exposed in the avengers good cop bad cop, the one treats him bad so when the other shows up that will treat him good he will spill the beans. And it worked hahaha.

The lunar max preison was called in this movie MS One=Miss One which is medusa the name of the moon too on ancient times.
Miss one is also another codename for Maria=mia ra=the one ra/medusa.

-M.S. One is the only
Supermax(lunarmax in MIB) facility in existence
where there is no physical
or sexual abuse,
breakouts or riots.
-Because you put
the preisoners to sleep?
-It's called stasis.
-Of course, but there are a few
issues with stasis, are there not?
Aggression due to
damage of the cortex,
dementia(memory erasure), psychosis.

And now this stasis thing exposed the matrix, the saber rider, the dollhouse, the lifeforce movies into greater lengths.

In all those movie were shown millions or billions of people being put to sleep forever where they were using them either as batteries or their brains as processors etc.

In matrix you have the stasis people who are used solely for the matrix/dreamworld/lunar super computer who also uses our brains during sleep as extra processors and another proof that dreams is the computer world is that our dreams are not ours but lunar computer projections on our brain. So dreamworld=computer world/matrix!

Then in matrix you have the lunar slave machines/cyborgs(humans/organic machines) who use humans(see souls)as their batteries.
Also in the movie the island was revealed that a human body falls apart without consciousness/soul.
In matrix was also shown that the real world/planet was completely milked from its natural resources its atmosphere destroyed and turned into a dumpster.
Oops is our planet heading that way???
Keep in mind the word "dump" for later to realize what planet(dump) medusa ordered to get blown up where the movie lockout had us fooled that was the moon that they would blow up.

In the lockout movie they call sleep/stasis and funny thing is those problem stasis creates can symbolize what our own night sleep creates on us!

"Aggression due to
damage of the cortex,
dementia, psychosis."

I've lost count how many times i have got off my bed completely pissed off cause of the dreams they were playing on my brain!
Dementia=memory erasure!
Scientists themselves have informed us that is during sleep when our brain(see lunar machines) regulate what memories to keep and what to throw away! So the fact that we already forget our past while in these very organic machines could be due to sleep!


-What are they doing?
-Parts of M.S. One(Moon/cyberton)
are still under construction
and need constant maintenance.

The rebuilding of wounded cybertron/moon(with earth's resources) from its last star war gets revealed here.

-This is penal area M. S. One.

The penal reminded me pineal gland which they call it the seat(see preison) of consciousness/soul.
Its amazing that this body is a preison is being written all over the place see also words like person=preson/preison etc.

But there's a good thing in my personal opinion, when they destroy/erase/melt our soul this body acts also and as a cast which will give our soul a new form. Just like a cocoon or an egg gives a new form to the melted sun=nus/nous=(mind/consciousness in greek)/soul it contains.
I found that out yesterday that sun=nus/nous/mind/consciousness/soul and it blew me away.
Also see words like ego and greek words like eggefalo that reveal that this body is more than just a preison for our soul.

The problem is what soul are we building while here, the society with their religions their spiritual teachers, schools= demoralization entertainment etc etc go out of their way to make a sheep out of our soul so when it exits its egg will be easy prey to the predators of the soul dimension.

-Sir, within the last hour,
there has been
a massive infraction
on Supermax M.S. One.
It's a takeover.
-Oh, God.
Emilie. ls she...
-She's fine,
according to her telemetry.(see rfid chip).

This reminded me ghrees story that the draconians are also preisoners in this solar system and they took over the preison similar to the lockout movie.
Ghrees also tried to slide in that recipe that also this planet in the solar system was a galactic preison and all of us ex galactic criminals.
I destroyed that part of the story as you don't turn a beautiful planet of free people(see black race) into a preison but simply you create a preison like our moon/ms one where you put all the scum there!
So the movie lockout verified my suspicion i posted here before that our very moon to be the galactic preison and not our planet where the draconians there took it over and blackmail the galactic empire to crash it on earth or blow us up if they get attacked.
And its them who turned our planet into an invisible preison like in the tv seriers "the preisoner" etc not the galactic empire.
As about the moon crashing to earth i just saw this mind blowing ending clip of serious sam.(pay attention to his sunglasses symbolism of his hellish blinding eyes) he reminded me samson a codename for medusa we exposed here before and also serious could be another codename for shera/c ra/moon ra!

-Hey(emilie warncok) is your dad home?
-My dad is out destroying some pissant planet in the middle of nowhere, can i take a message?(emilie warnock from lockout -blow that dump out of the sky father)
-Yeah sam is coming over to play and by play i mean kill him.
-Are you serious/shera/moon ra?
-Yes as a matter of fact i am.
-Well you better hurry he's due to moon your planet any second now.
-Moon my, huh?
(thats the comet also of final fantasy 7!)

These bastards really thinking of crashing the moon to our planet.
Also this fear tactic goes way back in time!
See ancients worrying of the sky falling to earth(symbolism of moon crashing to earth) codename also skyfall in the new james bond movie and funny thing is the movie lockout decoded the word skyfall to our face!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27158217
United States
05/08/2013 10:47 AM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
-You're saying that the
International Space Station
ran into M.S. One?(MOON)
-No, I'm saying the opposite.
M.S. One ran into the
International Space Station.
-I thought it(the moon) was
locked in orbit.
-It was controlled by
a geo-orbital technician.
-And where is this technician?
-They blew him out an airlock.
Look, M.S. One is essentially
a big fly-by-wire system.
Without constant monitoring,
it's basically
falling out of the sky.(skyfall!)

And i bet the name of the of the technician who was keeping the moon from falling to earth was ATLAS!

Hahaha found the ancient picture/painting too.
What sky pay close attention, its the f*cking moon!
[link to www.google.com]

Also in god of war one he was holding pandora's temple on his back and the box inside, which is another symbolism we decoded here of the moon being called also the pandora's box/preison/noah's ark/noe's cubetos in greek/the one's cube that contains all evil/criminals across the universe inside.

-What's that for?
Climbing down off sidewalks?
-No, no, no.
It's explosives.
You join those two ends,
you got a nine-second charge.
It's grade two,
for opening heavy secure
panels or bulkheads.
-Bulkheads?(is M.S. One a spaceship?)

In this dialogue not only gets revealed that m.s. one is a spaceship but also the explosive halos from cloud atlas which all lunar employees and preisoners wear.
See also dragonballz where all dead people's souls were getting on their heads.
Similar lunar halo control of its preisoners' symbolism there is in the fallout games.

Next we have a symbolism similar to riddick dark athena of emilie warnock/medusa to be the bee queen.

-So there she is.
Right in the hornet's nest.

In bioshock infinite was revealed to our face that "be=bee"
and telling to its people "be the bee" a 24/7 worker for the lunar boss.

Also the name warnock reminded me the name maria=war ai we decoded here before and i also googled the name "nock" and found a reptilian's picture from dragonballz.
(Go to google images and do a search too as i can't post the link here.)

Also emilie warnock on her id was typed "visitor" which reminded me the draconians from the V series codename also visitors.

-Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention?
We've prepared
a little demonstration.
-Here we go.
Reality TV.(Truman show)

Only difference from that movie is we're the truman show to them!
Also the boss's brother's name was Hydell which reminded me of hades and ended up at the end killing his brother(called also kinslayer in darksider's) and becoming the top boss.
His arms also were covered with medusa 6s symbolism of snakes tattoos and in his chest had a heart looking tattoo which reminded me many catholic jesus paintings and the funny part is that he was one eyed/symbolism of one eyed ra/medusa. Where also in the movie the passion of the christ(craist=c ra is + t upside down f snake on the cross symbol)(what i just decoded again man!) they had his right eye punched and he was one eyed for the rest of the movie giving out also that jesus is the one eye ra/medusa.
Now if you look at hydell in lockout and imagine him playing jesus on earth's sheeple you can imagine how f*cked earth's sheeple are!

-Bye-bye, Barnes.
Bye-bye, Barnes.
Oh, man! Did you see
the look on his face?
He was about to say something like...

Bye bye Barnes, hahaha did you catch this amazing subliminal message here?
Bye bye barnes=Babe born/borg!
And the screaming he did after to mock him is the screaming almost all babies do when are born!
And like it was revealed to our face in darksiders 2 all souls that get reborn here are coming from the moon!
See also "moon regulates menstrual cycle" etc.

-I don't wanna see you
till it's done.
-Why don't we just
kill that lunatic?
-Because he's my brother.

Alex the borther of hydell reminded me so much the brother of death in darksiders 2.

Then when snow and emilie were crawling through the vents and ladders of "ms one" these places were identical to dark athena of riddick!
They also showed the antigravity generator where in riddick was said to be the backbone of darkathena/moon.
Holy shit what i just took notice.
Dark athena is codename also for "ark athena codename also pandorum and noah's ark in the movie pandorum"
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31348819
United States
05/08/2013 10:56 AM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
Next we have the amazing "gone in 60 seconds" symbolism, and the stick a needle through the eye in a dead space 2 scene.

DOCTOR: -Something happened.
Somehow she found more oxygen,
but that will only give us
a minute(60 seconds) or so.
SHAW: -Snow,
you gotta get in there.
-EEG(Egg) activity declining.
Brain(Egg+efalos in greek) death in 20 seconds.
Twenty seconds.
Lost him.
Twenty seconds and then
this is all over.
-Yeah. I should've
stayed in college.(egg symbolism again, stay in his body/egg/cage its safer there hahaha)
Hot girl on the floor,
big hole in her leg.
Okay, first let's get
the motor going.(slate from bioshock "you're a tinman!")
Open the medi-pack.
You need to get the defib kit.
Fifteen seconds.
-You know the counting thing?
It's not very relaxing.
-Gel them, place
them on the chest,
center under
the right arm.
Make sure they stay on her.
Ten seconds.
Bingo! Got an induced-pulse.
DOCTOR: Seven, six...
-So why is there still counting?
-Not done yet.
Find the Vidadermic
labeled "20 ccs. "
Serotonin norepinephrine.
What the hell do I do with this?
It's a neurotransmitter
stimulant.(and fake memories implant see dead space 2)
You've got to push the needle
through the center of her
right eye into the brain(egg).
(SCOFFS) -Come on,
you're kidding me, right?
-Move it around until
it locates the thalamus/cage.(pineal gland seat of soul)
It's self-guiding.
Then fire it.
I'm gonna be sick.
DOCTOR: -Okay.
We've got some activity.
-Yeah, we've got
activity all right.
She's doing the
lambada in here.(this jerking movement she was doing is identical to the rapid spasms a human body does when it gets killed suddenly)
DOCTOR 2: -Get some air in there.
-Here we go.
Hey! Whoa! Whoa!
It's okay, it's okay.
-What the hell are you doing?
-I'm bringing you
back from the dead.

Also the needle through the eye reminded me the brain needles from movie dark city 1998 where they were using them to extract someone's soul and then use another needle to implant a different soul.
So the symbolisms in the above scene can be many!

Hold it, her BP is dropping.
This reminded me the BP company and i just realized that oil could be the blood of planet earth! As note this planet is alive.
And i also noticed we can extract or convert most plants and fruits into biofuel!
Its amazing that not only machines run on fuel diesel etc but also organisms and the funny thing is that machines can also run on biodiesel and other biofuels hahaha!
Yet they brainwash us that a human body is so different than other machines.
They had made a movie where they could replace any human organ with machines and funny thing in this very clip they showed to our face that they can extract someone's brain and implant it on a cyborg and have him continue his life on a 100% mechanical body.
This identical thing was shown in fallout new vegas with dogs.

Learning the secret relationship and similarities between human bodies and machines is critical if you wanna decode correctly the movie matrix. Binary domain exposes that relationship into greater lengths.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31351062
United States
05/08/2013 10:57 AM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
Next in lockout they talked about an electromagnetic lockout which similar thing was shown in riddick dark athena of what the lunar scums did to earth to cut communications with other solar systems so humans can't call for support or inform the galactic police of the situation we have here.

-That's where the pod is.
You get in it,
you fly away and the good guys
will come and get you. Okay?
-On my own?
-You're a big girl, right?
Here's an apple. And a gun.

The apple was another great symbolism of who emilie warnock really is. Which also reminded me the decoding on adam eve=madame eve=medusa i did few days ago.

-Which way's north?
-Okay, we're in space(ship) now.
-So it's not north,
it's port and starboard.

Hahaha even on earth in ships people use same language instead of north south etc. So its not cause they're in space but in spaceship!

Are you there?
I miss you. Smiler!

Emilie was also called smiler which reminded me the lunar clown joker of stephen king, batman and of game i am weapon, another symbolism of the lunar boss.

-What's your first name?
-Your name is Snow Snow?
Well, that's just ridiculous.
-Why won't you
tell me your name?

His actor name is pearce/perseus and later he revealed his last name in the movie is marion=mary on, where just like zeus had athena in his head=being a doll for medusa same with perseus being a new doll for mary/medusa after she lost her previous body.
See that symbolism also in star trek first contact where she gets a new body after she lost her old one from her last star war.

Also for the new readers about virgin mary being medusa see this thread.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30807672
United States
05/08/2013 10:57 AM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
[link to www.google.com]
See also in above pic perseus holding the medusa head and pay attention to his/her hair and his/her face.
Almost identical!
Perseus/zeus is athena/medusa!

-You tell Warnock that
we have his daughter.
And unless we get
what we want,
you tell your boss
that I've got 500
pent-up convicts
all too eager
to educate his little girl.

An other amazing symbolism of the kind of brothel the moon is where just like it was shown in the movie "the man with the iron fists" after the draconian whores pleasure their victims then they eat them mantis style.

-Mace! Come on.
What the hell's
wrong with you, buddy?
-I know what this is.
It's dementia.
-Come on, he's like 35.
-It's from the stasis.
Some people just unravel.

After the souls get erased/killed and milked from their energy they enter their grave/human body to regrow and get milked again, keep the wheel spinning!

-Yeah. Sister Mary
said it was bad
to take it out in church
in front of the other kids.
When you do bad things,
the angels, they cry.
That's what Sister Mary says.
Mace, case.
I foresee you.
I see you.
-I see you.
I foresee you. Lullaby.
I foresee you.

I see you i foresee you was typed later by smiler as "I C(MOON SEE) YOU, I 4(TETRAGRAMATON YHWH/ZEUS)C U.
And after mace said that he turned into stone! hahaha
what an amazing medusa symbolism man!
Yahweh from the bible "no man can see my face and live!"
Also mace=case! m is s in greek rotated.
About Virgin Mary/moon goddess what another amazing subliminal message this movie sent us of where she lives hahaha!
Lullaby in wiki was said to be a song being used to put babies to sleep.
I 4 C U=lullaby=erased sleeping baby.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31353197
United States
05/08/2013 10:58 AM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
Smiler -I realized I might be the only thing
keeping the hostages alive.(see the hostages are the only thing that keeps me alive)
My father(galactic police) won't authorize
an attack with me(the hostages) still here.
(Amazing twist of truth in above dialogue).

-Tell me where you are
and don't lie. Ever.
-Stop killing people.
-You tell me the truth now
and I'll stop shooting
your friends. Okay?
-Level three.
-Thank you.(starts shooting everybody)
-No! God!
-Is anybody hiding?
'Cause I'll find you!
-He was gonna
kill them all anyway.

The draconian strategy was shown here again in a very funny way.
From the movie safe.
"You're a very stupid woman(smiler), you gave them what they want and now they're going to kill (all)you(r friends)".

-This is what I was afraid of.
They've been using
the preisoners as guinea pigs.(that's us)

-Emilie, I'm here.
-Everyone's dead.
Blow this dump out of the sky.
-You need to authorize
an assault.
-Emilie's still on the station.

Just realized ms one/moon is also called station and sleep is called stasis there, put those together and we get another revelation that when we sleep we connect to the station/moon/lunar computers/matrix/dreamworld.

Also in above scene was showed to our face that our leaders/presidents etc don't give a fuck about their people or planet where they wouldn't blow up the moon even if it was crashing on earth!

-Dropkick authorized.
Full breach.
Moving into assault formation.
Weapons live.
-Oh, shit!
You said that was
your promise to me!
ALEX: -Quiet,
we can salvage this.
(this gave away the above attack on the moon to symbolize its last star war, as when alex said we can salvage this they didn't even got hit yet when he said it), so salvage what when you haven't receive any damage yet?
Or are you already wounded like it was revealed in transformers with cybertron?

Also when smiler gave an order to blow up the dump out of the sky that was meant for earth as when they're done milking our planet it will be no different than a dump as it was shown to our face in matrix, sunshine and many more movies.
And like it was revealed in the bible itself when they move out for other solar system/victim they will blow us up exactly like they were doing in the transformers movies, and oops the good guys there autobots was revealed to blow up solar systems too, giving the excuse that they had no life, a living mega organism has no life? or did you drain all life out of him and then turn around and say i never blew up a solar system with life!
Similar to drain all blood out of someone before you kill him and then say "i never slaughtered alive humans"
Autobots decepticons is identical to the good cop bad cop strategy that was shown in the beginning of this movie.

Some very interesting intel in below dialogue, where they showed to our face small criminals or people who haven't done any crimes and get framed as criminals like snow get maximum punishment while the big ones get away with anything, and action heroes are cannon fodders/expendables to their masters hahaha the movie "expendables" came to mind.
Also drake in blade 3 had said
"Kill one you're a murderer, kill 1 million you're a king, kill em all you're God!"
Thread: Jesus is coming back to kill all of mankind.

-How much was
Frank's life worth?
-Does the number
even matter, Snow?
-I hope they put you
away for a long time.
You know,
-I don't think they will.
You of all people know
that they like to keep
all these kind of things
on the down-low.
My guess, I'll do three years
tops at minimum security,
and you want to know why?
Because they need
people like me.
I know all of their
dirty little secrets.
Ain't that right?
I am sorry about Frank,
but in the big
scheme of things,
he'll go down as
an innocent bystander.
He won't even make
the balance sheet.
Just like you.
Because he's a relic.
I mean, God, look at you.
Nobody smokes any more, Snow!
You know, for all your
bluster and your bullshit,
you're nothing
but cannon-fodder.
You're cannon-fodder
and they don't need you
like they need me, okay?

At the end of the movie emily/smiler/medusa extracted from her moon/island again identical story to bishock infinite, tomb raider 2013, system shock 2, minerva's den etc etc the list is endless and how they spin the same story in so many different movies games etc.
She could be impreisoned/contained in this solar system like ghrees informed us and the many above games movies etc but she could also be hiding, recovering and out she goes again for new victims/solar systems while she blow us up on her way out.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31147598
United States
05/08/2013 11:04 AM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
Also at the end of the movie Smiler is acting like a total whore which reminded me ma-ma from dredd another character portraying medusa.

In the ship she was also dressed as a dude which symbolizes that she plays both sexes males like jesus,zeus,ra etc and females like athena mary medusa etc.

In riddick dark athena was revealed also to be a hybrid having both sex organs.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31284203
United States
05/08/2013 11:10 AM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
Scratch the word "bookmark" in my above posts and other similar words, it was included by this forum not me, also the word "preison" contains a typo on purpose to avoid bain.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31351062
United States
05/08/2013 12:13 PM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
It looks the word "bookmark" didn't show up after all in my above posts, my browser s*cks lol.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 39003134
United States
05/08/2013 09:54 PM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 39003134
United States
05/09/2013 10:54 PM
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Re: Lockout 2012 Movie Decoded
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!

In bioshock infinite i made it to "the good time club" area and funny thing what was taking place there was identical to the video clip below which i had posted before.

Thats where the sheep get slaughtered in the most horrifying ways!
If you pay attention to the clock outside on the sign you can spot a fork and a spoon subliminal that the customers become meal!
And what i just remembered man holy shit, in the movie "from dusk till dawn" with george clooney identical thing was shown!
A club where the draconians were entertaining the sheeple and then the doors shut and they eat them!
And that club was crawling with vampires/draconians oh my goodness man, religious sheeple are so f*cked and the bioshock showed to our face that they don't kill them immediately there's the most cruel torture that takes place before which also reminded me what the dragon's race says that "the more you make your meal to suffer in pain the better it tastes".

And here's the excuse the moon boss in that game gave to justify what the player just saw.

"To tax the black more than the white, is that not cruel? To forbid the mixing of the races, is that not cruel? To give the vote to the white man, and deny it to the yellow, the black, the red, is that not cruel? Hm. But is it not cruel to banish your children from a perfect garden? Or drown your flock under an ocean of water? Cruelty can be instructive. And what is Columbia, if not the schoolhouse of the Lord?
--Zachary Hale Comstock, December the 18th, 1899"


Also another hint that gives out columbia/heaven/moon to be hell was when you keep reading and hearing in bisoshock words like this
"the seed of the prophet shall sit the throne, and drown in flame the mountains of man."

This "drown in flame" i just found out yesterday is taken from the bible itself where jesus says no one enters his heaven if first doesn't get purified in the holy flames!

And funny thing in max payne 3 similar propaganda was mentioned when a lunatic put himself on fire promoting it as a good thing that it will purify him.
Another chinese cartoon i watched long time ago an angel of jesus forgave all bad guys and told them "god loves you" then burned them all in flames/killing them.
Her friend asked her why she did that and she said "thats the love of god it purifies you" hahahaha!

Another draconian movie came to mind with wolfmen where they had a club that were luring people for entertainment then trap them in that club and hunt them down to eat them.
I don't remember the name of that movie but i remember what the wolfman boss told to his sheeple before he slaughters them.
"Americans we so love you for the way you taste!"
Hahaha this also reminded me this thread i made recently.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39579139

About the jigsaw/collector/hostel style torture that takes place on/in the moon this pirates of the caribbean movie revealed it to our face too.

-Edward Teach!(leader of pirates/draconians/space bandits!)
For crimes committed on the high seas,
by the authority granted me
by His Majesty the King...(galactic empire)
...and with a goodly amount
of personal satisfaction...
...I hereby place you in
the custody of the court,
and declare you to be my prisoner.
(jesus/ra/medusa goes to court and gets imprisoned hahahaha)
-My trick's out, is that it?(his deception on earthlings is over)
-Such crimes do include, but are
not limited to, piracy, treason,
murder, torture of
the most heinous sort,
(see chinese/dragon's race torture to get a glimpse of the sick demented freaks they are)
including the brutal theft of one
used, twisted, hairy right leg.
-You... dare face this sword?(my technology)
-This far away from your ship(moon)? Aye.
-Aye. That be the cold breath
of fate I feel down my nape.
But I'll have one last fight(star war), by God(medusa).
-Kill 'em all!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39579139

The good time club from dusk till dawn

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39003134

Skip to 5:52 and look to the clock/red plate on the good time club sign. IT HAS A HUMAN ON IT!
And at 5:05 outside the street sign had your name on it meaning you're on the menu tonight!

I had taken notice of the clock outside with the fork and a spoon to symbolize a meal plate and color red for human blood symbolism but had forgotten the plate/clock inside that had a freaking human on it bleeding a pool of blood under him!

Holy freaking shit man they're eating us up there cloud atlas style. Earth is a farm for the moon!

You know whats funny by blowing up the moon everybody gets what he wants.
Ww3 armageddon? hahaha you watch many movies the next generation will be laughing at us.
Humans and their souls become free again immortals again!
The planet with its gravity will pull back all the moon dust and all stolen resources gold silver etc and patch itself hahaha.
By taking out the hive mind the lunatic minds on this planet will be healed like in the superman clip when he got rid off the moon from our planet.

Now the sudden change in gravity might damage our planet like ghrees like to scare us but would you let the moon be and stay like a frog in the boiling water until its too fucking late to do something?
Cause if we let the moon be guess what, ww3 then armageddon then organic humans turn into mechanical cyborgs the planet gets raped to the bone(see also movie sunshine) then solar system gets blown up and all of its planets(earth gets blown up not just damaged keep that in mind!) and then next solar system/victim is on the line(see also bible revelations) and like ghrees has revealed us where they'll be going next the whole universe's life will be on the line. See also pandorum!
And if the draconians were really screwed and trapped on this solar system how then they plan to destroy the universe???
If you're a robber at a bank surrounded by cops you'll be thinking how to exit how to survive not wasting your precious time calculating how you're gonna invade russia!
You escape,survive first go into a safe place increase your ranks and then you can start thinking on how to take over russia.
Oops have the draconians already escaped the galactic police like in star trek first contact and earth is the safe place and the place where they increase their ranks to take over the universe like it was revealed in darksiders 2 dlc?

To sum it all up.

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