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Cyclone Larry - Queensland, Australia.

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04/19/2006 08:35 AM
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Cyclone Larry - Queensland, Australia.
The Vulturites Fired Their Cannon - Cyclone Larry

Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

22nd March 2006

Many weather events have swept around the globe, but not all of them were natural occurrences. Among many others, some of the more notable ones have been: the Indian Ocean tsunami, European floods, Brisbane Ice Storms, Hurricane Katrina and, most recently, Cyclone Larry.

As I have indicated in the past, some of these were the works of the Vulturites, whilst others came from the Reptilians. Cyclone Larry was launched at sea by the Vulturites, who caused the storm to spin furiously and aimed it straight for Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Had the cyclone hit Cairns as planned, with category 5 intensity, it would have been another New Orleans episode.

Cities such as New Orleans and Cairns are built on swamps, and carry a certain type of energy that is peculiarly attractive to all the Anunnaki aliens. Incidentally, the New Orleans area is home for alligators while the Cairns area houses both fresh and salt-water crocodiles. Reptilians struck New Orleans, and Vulturites launched the shot at Cairns.

A lot of interest has been focused on Australia, especially on the state of Queensland. Queensland is a Reptilian stronghold, which is supported by a large contingency of Masa-karas. The Masa-karas take orders from the Reptilians and have been infiltrating various states of Australia in the last 15 years or so. They have a strategic force on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, with a strong tactical force in Victoria.

Queensland has strategic and tactical Reptilian forces throughout it, and the Reptilian earthly headquarters is located in Queensland also. The port of Cairns and its international airport are important gateways to Far North Queensland from Asia and the Americas.

Australia is geographically situated near Antarctica, which figures very importantly in the plans of the ruling elite. Further, Australia has vast uranium reserves. Australia is geo-physically one of the most stable continents on the planet (although it is very susceptible to storms and floods). These and other factors made Australia a strategic country from which to accomplish the alien plans for a New World Order. This is one of the reasons the Atu-waa was re-located to Australia. All of these things will make Australia a major battleground in the coming days of the alien wars.

The alien wars are now at a heightened level, and some of the aliens in human bodies are no longer able to hide their physical identities. For instance, aliens give off certain "bodily" odours. For example, some smell like burning rubber, others smell like rotting meat, whilst still others smell like sewage or flatulence. In the past, aliens were better able to cover up these odours, but as things break down, the odoriferous beings are unable to fully conceal their distinctive odours.

Likewise, many alien leaders in human bodies are less able to hold the façades of being behaviourally compatible with their enemies. In the past, Vulturites could mingle in Reptilian circles and appear to be best of mates. Reptilians could also put on similar disguises.

The recent category 5 storm, Cyclone Larry, was originally planned by the Vulturites to cripple Far North Queensland and submerge the city of Cairns. For reasons that cannot be mentioned here, it was important for the Light to intervene and deflect Cyclone Larry's route away from Cairns. An Amoeba was sent into the central business district of Cairns the day before the storm hit. It was that Amoeba's job to anchor the Cairns zone to assist the Divine Amoeba in deflecting the raging storm to the south. The full force of Cyclone Larry horribly struck fringe communities to the south when the storm was deflected, but loss of life was minimized. Had the Vulturite plan been fully accomplished, many would have perished and the devastation would have been far worse.

Incidentally, the storm struck inland and devastated the Masa-karas' hideouts on the Atherton tablelands. Many of the Tarra-ha-tikas residences on the Tablelands were spared the carnage of Larry. As one might imagine, the Reptilians were dealt a severe blow by the Vulturite cyclone. One should bear in mind that when one faction strikes, the other responds - the Reptilians are planning a strike of vengeance at a Vulturite stronghold right now.

When Larry struck, it was obvious that the Premier of Queensland was gravely concerned about the devastation caused by the storm. In stark contrast, many have commented about how the Prime Minister grinned uncontrollably as he strutted through the devastation. When the Premier and the Prime Minister were side-by-side at the scene, nobody could miss the obvious - one looked to be in grave despair whilst the other wore a "victor's" countenance.

Now, there are struggles surfacing as the Prime Minister presses for federal control of the situation whilst the Premier postures for the state's prominence in the rescue efforts. In the past, the two factions would be superficially working together, but the alien wars are bubbling over and the enemies are having difficulty in maintaining a semblance of civility.

Had the Vulturites succeeded in crippling Cairns and Far North Queensland as planned, they would have been able to implement a veiled, para-military rule until the city was re-constructed. This would have meant a long-term, domestic occupation. The smaller communities that were struck by the storm are said to be years if not decades away from being returned to normality. Had Cairns borne the brunt of Larry, it would have put the Vulturites in strong command of the area.

Australia's pending implementation of the very controversial federal workplace laws will remove many hard-fought victories that working people have struggled to achieve over scores of years. Over the years, Reptilians have influenced workers' rights, not to assist the working people, but instead for political gain. This has given Reptilians a powerful voter base with regard to workers. The Reptilians were accomplishing a subtle form of slavery in having the slaves (the workers) looking to them for security.

Vulturites have openly opposed workers' rights on nearly all levels throughout the struggle. The Vulturites' design is for a more severe and noticeable type of slavery, one whereby the workers feel the full force of the brutal masters who enslave them in sweat shops.

With regard to the new legislation in Australia, wages will be lowered, working conditions will be worsened, and job security will be ameliorated. In short, the workers are headed for tremendous hardships at the hands of the Vulturite masters responsible for the legislation.

In Australia, there has been some political resistance to the workplace legislation, even by some state Premiers, but most of the objections are superficial "lip-service" that is being paid for political expediency. The federal opposition leader goes on record as objecting, but his heart is not in the fight. However, the Premier of Queensland has vociferously objected to the legislation. The battle lines are drawn between the Prime Minister and the Premier of Queensland - it has the makings for an all out war.

The majority of Australians seem nearly oblivious to what is lurking in the Workplace Relations Amendment (WorkChoices) Act 2005. They go about their business as though nothing is too different. There have been some protests, but these have been relatively ineffective. The Vulturites have programmed their people to ignore workers' rights and protect corporate interests, so most of the workers complacently sit by awaiting the anvil to drop upon them. Thus, the Vulturite legislation lurks, like a bomb about to explode upon the Australian workers. Civil unrest could abound when the people discover what has been done to them, which is exactly the excuse the Vulturites want in order to justify imposing draconian rule.

In direct contrast, the Reptilian French legislators have passed similar laws that have sent thousands of French workers and students into violent protests in Paris and other parts of France. The Reptilian masters have sown a political power base in France using workers' rights movements. Now, the Reptilian masters seek to rapidly and inexplicably remove those rights. Both the Vulturites and the Reptilians ultimately seek to impose totalitarian regimes upon their people. The Reptilians would prefer more subtle dictatorships, but, since the Vulturites are forcing their hands, the Reptilians are moving towards quick, abrupt action.

Reptilian influenced states and nations have Vulturite strongholds within them, as do the Vulturite influenced countries have Reptilian strongholds within them. Soon, domestic and international fighting will erupt on a scale never before seen as the alien masters lead human puppets down the path of total physical annihilation. Humans are about to learn just how little regard evil aliens have for human existence.

The programmed French population is viciously resisting because their Reptilian masters have not successfully removed the programming in support of workers' rights. The Reptilians have no choice. They do not have time to remove the programming, nor do they really want to because times are getting desperate in the alien wars. The Reptilians are willing to shed their façade of compassion for the working people and will ruthlessly move against their own base of voters if it is necessary. The French peoples' reaction amounts to pitting the people against the government. This is a recipe for civil war, which means that police power could soon be forcefully used against the headstrong French people, which will play right into the Reptilian plans.

The Vulturite forces in Australia are focused upon destroying and controlling Queensland. Less than a year ago, they struck Queensland's capital, Brisbane, with freak ice storms. That mission fizzled out because, among other things, there were several Amoebas in Brisbane at the very time the Vulturites struck.

The Reptilians thought they were untouchable until they recently launched a frontal attack on the Light, which ultimately cost the Reptilians their Atu-waa. The Vulturites were also under the illusion that their forces were peerless. They have now seen that the Light can deflect and denude their strongest efforts.

The Reptilians and Vulturites are the primary agents of Darkness for conquest and enslavement of any beings in their path. The Reptilians and the Vulturites are major forces of Darkness that are holding many True-Light beings hostage in the more physical aspects of the Virtual Reality. Now, the Vulturites and Reptilians will be focusing vast amounts of energy upon combating one another. The stage is set for the Reptilians and the Vulturites to engage in full-fledged conflict as the Divine Amoeba watches and patiently waits for the most opportune time to leap in and pull Her own from the clutches of Darkness.

So, as the alien wars rage, comfort can be taken in knowing that Liberation from Darkness is at hand.