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Green Party apparently had a big heart for pedophiles

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27811313
05/13/2013 03:00 PM
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Green Party apparently had a big heart for pedophiles
According to a media report, the Greens have more of pedophilia used in the 80s than previously known. Scientists to reappraise the involvement on behalf of the party.

The Greens have potentially far more used in the 80s for the interests of pedophiles than previously known. So is the so-called Federal Association gays, pedophiles and transsexuals who openly argued for legalizing sex with children, have been funded directly by the federal party and the parliamentary group, reported the "mirror", citing documents from the party archives.

Newsletters on the Working Group, which had also gone to the party headquarters, thus scantily clad boys were partially mapped or drawings of naked boy with angel wings. The working group had been assigned to the Working Group of Legal and Parliamentary Group company in 1984.

A former member of the Association, Kurt Hartmann, told the "mirror", "The Greens were the only federal political hope for pedophiles." They had "only party itself long head held out for sexual minorities."

The executive committee of the Green Party will decide on Monday that independent scientists to reappraise the influence of pedophiles on the party in the 80s. Green Party leader Cem Özdemir stressed to the magazine that the pedophile would hardly have had an influence on the will of the party.

"The protection of children from sexual abuse was and is our main concern," Özdemir said. "It is not acceptable, though some are now trying the positions of individual groups in the past reinterpreted into a seemingly lax attitude of the Greens against the sexual abuse of children," he added.

Green MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit, however, disagreed with the view that legalizing sex with children in the countryside in the 80s was a minority position. "You have to look at only the requests on game age ratings during sex with adults who were with the Greens mainstream," he told the "mirror".

The Pädophiliedebatte the Greens had come through statements Cohn-Bendit in the 70s started. At that time he described sexual with children. Cohn-Bendit, now distanced himself several times by those statements.

[link to www.welt.de]