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Happy 100th anniversary of Notre Dame coming to Fatima

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22787868
05/13/2013 07:55 PM
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Happy 100th anniversary of Notre Dame coming to Fatima
Let's recap the last 100 years shall we. Humanity discovers Notre Dame controls the sun with the miracle of the sun. Notre Dame exempts Portugal and stops ww1. She gave a sign to Hilter saying it's ok do what you want to everyone they're not listening to me anyway. The rite of baptism was changed from Spiritum Sanctum to spiritus santus officially making everyone believe that Christ is the jewish jesus of the bible. Notre Dame reveals the trinity to Sister Lucia meaning Notre Dame is God the Mother,Christ is God the son and the Holy Ghost is God the Father. Notre Dame gives Sister Lucia the third secret. Sister Lucia discovers the catholic church has infiltrated by jewish freemasons. She's killed by the eastern star cult. Notre Dame saves some priests in Hiroshima from the atomic bomb because they were living the message of Fatima aka saying the rosary with the fatima prayer. JFK is assisinated. Vatican 2. Jewish popes. John Paul 2 transfer the catholic church to portugal. Notre Dame comes to Africa mocking the hologram jewish jesus that was supposed to happen. Mr Nobody comes along witht the third secret and explains everything so even a idiot child can understand. The original rosary pops up after being buried for hundreds of years saving souls under the dominions of countless initiates.. So 100 years later the Lord is still not God and is infact satan and Christ is God and not the jewish son of lucifer. Good job people. What a hard test but we got a pass. Say a prayer to Notre Dame asking her save the lower level freemasons who made all of this known because they are in a pile of shit trouble.