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the israeli missle strike on syria...the boston marathon bombing....the texas fertilizer plant explosion

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05/14/2013 12:55 PM
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the israeli missle strike on syria...the boston marathon bombing....the texas fertilizer plant explosion
all 3 events are linked by the putin/obama alliance....putin is orthodox christian and the zionist missle strikes on syria were timed on orthodox good friday and easter, with syria being one of the early seats of christianity.....the boston marathon bombing was a blow against obama's academic base as he attended harvard....the fingerprint of christian fascism was on the texas fertilizer explosion(see tim mckvie christian identity/aryan republican army links), with this mindset being supportive of zionism...............these timed, intel based events, began with the attempt to prevent obama's reelection as he was the only candidate that could be linked into islam,the prevention process being the zionist support of both the tea party and occupation movements,as the best way to remove an incumbant is by calling the electorate's attention to economic downturns....obama, knowing that putin is the only democraticaly elected president that controls oil, puts his arm around him rhetorically by calling him vladimir triggering the intel tap on the shoulder.....if we look at this closely, we see bible prophecy in play as the false prophet, the beast, and the dragon....the FALSE PROPHET represents christian fascism, a lot of which is coming out of the state of texas WITH military linkage.....the BEAST represents the jihadist fueled controversy in chechnya(90% MUSLIM) which are the roots of the boston massacre, the beast having 10 crowns(islamic opec nations)and 10 horns(a price gouging metaphor)....and the DRAGON, which is RED, represents zionism , as the russian private oil is jewish controlled(these oligarchs sitting on oil as the communists once did)...the oligarchs have funded israel's weoponry inclusive of the iron dome, the dome being moved to the syrian border in anticipation of retaliation(remember obama's loaded question to netenyahu about where israel got the money for the dome)........in review, what we see here are opposing mindsets working together to feather their own nests thru oil pricing conspiracy with the knowledge that they will eventualy meet on the battlefield called armageddon with the false prophet, the beast, and dragon all being thrown in the lake of fire known as the caspian sea pricefixing realm.....they will fight themselves as remnants of the harlots seed