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Message Subject The Truth About School and What It Means to Our Society - Homeschool Your Children! Share This!
Poster Handle Knowbody Special
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Hi there , I m in the UK and been Home Schooling for 2 months now , my son is 10....

I had read about it and been debating whether it was the right thing to do for a couple of months , then I attended an IEP meeting with the Head and my son's Classroom assistant , (IEP is Individual Education Plan) , my son wears hearing aids but still has a bit of trouble within a classroom environment hearing as hearing aids do distort sound (I wear them too so I know this )

My son was getting 10 minutes a week extra help , was falling behind terrible and had absolutely zero confidence, the school was adamant that he "didn't listen" er?

When I first started teaching him he couldn't do simple maths like times tables , number bonds to 100 etc....now he whizzing through adding , subtraction and long multiplication......starting divison and fractions soon.

I would recommend Home Schooling to everyone , but here in UK most people look at you like you are crazy.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38153336

If "most" people say you are crazy for doing something... KEEP DOING IT. It means that you are thinking beyond the current system and it's limitations. It's called being an evolved being and that is something "they" do not like or understand.

Good Luck!

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