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Message Subject The Truth About School and What It Means to Our Society - Homeschool Your Children! Share This!
Poster Handle PopeJean
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Thank you for what you said about socialization, I feel the same way. I did well I'm school grade wise but I had to learn stuff on my own. I mean after graduation, I realized I knew nothing of history. And I was bullied, because we were not very well off and my clothes were hand me down. I had a metal tipped dart thrown at me in high school! Looking back, I just "survived ". I don't want that for my kids.

What do you do about the transcript though? I'm sire its in some of the links I've been given here but I haven't had time to read them yet.

Also, one big issue I know I am going to have - hubby had a teacher for am uncle. Any suggestions on how to answer other family members who think they know what's best for your child?

You are right though - the kids are THE most important thing we have. I keep saying we need to really fight to make sure he has the right kind of world to grow up in. He deserves his freedoms - the ones we are being stripped of at an alarming pace!

Please forgive any typos - editing is a real pain on my phone, and its late and I'm super tired! Ill look for this tomorrow but can only really read or reply if baby is napping!

Stupid evil mom.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 825017

I want to homeschool. My husband is dead set against it. I have a few years,so I'm in the process of doing research to back up my feelings on the matter. He's stuck on the socializing the kids thing. All our neighbors have kids our kids age, so I don't know why the child has to go to school to be socialized?

If anyone has any talking points on why homeschooling is more beneficial, I'd appreciate reading them. I'm trying to keep the discussion logical, not emotional.
 Quoting: PopeJean

Socializing isn't a problem unless you are a lazy parent (tell your husband that) and don't want to spend the time to involve your children in activities like sports, clubs, boy/girlscouts, etc.

School is actually a HORRIBLE environment for socializing, have you been there in the last 10-15 years? It isn't like the "old days" that my parents and grandparents talk about. Public School system for the most part breeds commonism and animalism toward eachother. Look at the clicks, if you don't fall into one, you either become the nerd with that "1 friend" who won't even stand behind you when shit hits the fan, wind up socially fucked up, and hating your parents cause they used the public school system as a babysitter, OR you wind up pulling a columbine when you decide you can't take it anymore. Kids are fuckin horrible to eachother at school, it's cause there is too many of them.

Restore education to what it was supposed to be. The books have been scrubbed to dumb down our children. They don't want you to think individually, it is bad for the system.

Read www.ronpaulcurriculum.com front page and see that there are MANY homeschool families where the kids goto college by age 13, because it is THAT much more advanced.

Goodluck, I wish everyone the best who wants to homeschool, don't let your children be programmed by common core and the evil department of education! Our, and America's futures lie with them!!! They are the most important thing in the world right now! Teach them constitution, liberty, the values and principles of freedom, make them memorize the bill of rights and constitution etc etc
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