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Stories in the papers claim this is the Face of The Christ. Scholars have already had a huge reaction to this claim and say the depiction represents a Solar Deity. The most popular theory is that it depicts Helios. In all probability both claims are right because The Christ was one teaching of the Sol star.. the Bethlehem Sun-like star associated with humanities origins. The statue of Liberty is another Solar Deity and few know the Masonic connection for placing the statue of liberty where it is and why she has seven blazing rays of light.

The face on this sealed metal book appears to have flames around the head...the extracted the detail to show it is a Solar Deity. All that counts here is simply the association of the Great person being revered here with the Sun star secret. In the Helios carving it also has a star and world in crescent which matches other depictions of Solar deities.

The most important detail about finding a face on a metalbook like this is paramount... It is depicted in an oval fashion without neck, curved high hairline, left eye emphasized and on the forehead... symbol for the Peniel... a mark... the third eye... the spoken name that Jacob called 'Peniel' now called Deir Alla.
This is a match to the Face Monument of Deir Alla.

The lost teachings of the Christ... the metal books. These metal books reveal how the people of the time of The Christ could not understand the difference between praying to their Creator in heaven and simply remembering just with a sense of honour of the SUN of man... the Sun-like star of Bethlehem secret now removed completely from history. The elite believed the secret of the Sun star if revealed to all humanity would create equality amongst nations because it is found in the foundations of all history in all nations. This uplifting realisation of a sacred bloodline being the same for ALL humanity will also bring about peace and unity.

This was something not in the best interests of the Elite Army as its evil habit for funding 'elite prosperity' was war... to plunder... to conquer... to profiteer... to enslave and take advantage of both commoners and foreigners... and it is alive and well today. The rich get richer and poor get poorer.

This abomination and abuse of humanity by the opulent powerful manipulating rich is about to end...Known in history that they murdered those who taught of the forbidden secret of the Orion Cross showing the way in the sky to the position of the SUN of man. The elite would want to make an example of those who spoke on this forbidden truth, and the message to warn others, the penalty for promoting this Sun-star secret would be death, forcing the victim to wear a radiant crown of thorns and to be crucified on a cross!

The time is perhaps very near to see the return of 'The Christ' riding his disc that forms a cloud, one who will be seen by all who will end the destructive elite ways once and for all, revealing just with his spoken words... the opulent ones by name who are destroying the human gift of life.

Almost identical in appearance, the African Chokwe wooden book discoveries from Zambia were published in 2005, almost the same time the metal books were found in the cave by the Bedouin truck driver in Jordan. Instead of metal in all likelihood due to the lack of resources, the African tribe used wood. Perhaps the upset in religious circles starts here, people who still narrow-mindedly challenge who were the chosen people of God. History has it that a Hebrew speaking group of Semitic people of African lineage, around the time the metal books were in use, travelled with the Ark up the river Nile to Lalibela, which has the same star secret tradition.
It is not hard to imagine how that tradition slowly spread south if one considers gauging by what the elders of the Chokwe tribe claim today. Namely, that they were visited by their ancestors from the sky who taught them the same truth in the same manner.
Let us consider the obvious. That all humanity are the chosen people of God, and both books the metal ones and the wooden ones in different parts of the world speak of the same Sacred Cross secret. They both used similar pictoglyph teaching mechanisms. Both present the same star patterns as star maps of the same area in the cosmos which are identified on some of the metal books here.
The most substantiating portrayal is the same seven stars as the metal books themes, a path of travel...


It is the depiction of the Face Monument of Jacob at Succoth shown below near the cave where the metal books were discovered.
The Middle East archeology experts say this mound is called Deir Alla, its a Bronze age mysterious man made mound and artifacts found here include remains of the earliest Hebrew texts with the usage of the Hebrew word 'Eloheim' in context referring to... MUlTIPLE BEINGS COMING FROM THE HEAVENS!
Jacobs ladder references in Genesis:

28 : 12 - Ladder
31 : 46,52 - Heap
32 : 30 - 'Peniel' was the name for the place of the Face of God
It was one where the biblical character Jacob was told to build something remarkable to mark that in the heavens... As above ... So below... on the ground using pillars as markers and a 'heap' of blocks
The sacred mound of Creation as mentioned in the Egyptian records called Zep Tepi?

Was it Jacob who built the first sacred mound, or did he restore it?

Is it possible this mound predates the pyramids and Stonehenge star map themes?

Is the face on the sealed book the same solar star deity as the face monument?

Do the metal books link the Face monument to the other ancient star maps?

Deir Alla...Deir Alla is a name and has multi-lingual history ties and suggests its name worked into languages since it is so ancient.

Its Aramaic and Greek and Arabic... Deir Alla has a multiple fit with God or Mother or temple ... Face of God... place of God... mother temple of truth... a encoded name that would stand the test of time.

In Greek, Deir means TEMPLE... Alla means TRUTH... Deir Alla - "TEMPLE OF TRUTH"

Since Greek texts that comprise some biblical accounts date back to just after the Christ and no one knows when this name was given, Greek Hebrew and Aramaic were common languages in this part of the world. Since they built a Temple on top of a hill that had by erosion lost its primary features to be recognised as a face...the secret of the star map would have been the truth aspect in this TEMPLE OF TRUTH built on the sacred mound. Perhaps this is the legendary sacred mound associated with the Egypt mound legend... the Mound of the first time..Zep Tepi!
A mound that might have been the first monument on our world... in a place that was like Egypt at the time was a temperate greener land.

Some Biblical references cover detail on the place where the biblical character Jacob said he was shown a secret about the stars... the legend of Jacobs Ladder.


Jacob said he named the place "Face of God" near Luz close to Succoth in Jordan where this ladder touched down...
The pyramids and stonehenge connect to the mystery... the story all bound together including Helios and finding a Priory holding records of the unthinkable in Italy... another Bible that actually has a depiction of a UFO showing what really made the walls of Jerico crumble...the Sun deity origin connection to The Christ... and a fresco... one where it shows God riding a celestial disk... a UFO!....But that's another thread...
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