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Message Subject Starbucks Diaper Police
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The other side to coffee houses are bars and clubs, I wouldn't take my child there either...regular restaurants have coffee and booze too.
 Quoting: BRIEF

Well, I was a child long before Americans got so silly about alcohol. It's that puritanism in at least the yankee sections of America, now hiding behind modern liberalism - seems a misnomer, doesn't it? My father used to refill our water glasses with wine in some places that didn't want to serve us directly - but that was just in some states. In Texas, up until the 1980's, your father or mother could legally serve you anything they liked at their own table.

I'm sure my parents foresaw this annoying modern puritanism for they made sure to send all of their children out of the country to school by the time we were ten. I completely escaped the dumbing-down, the forced integration and bussing and even co-ed classes, till I came back for college, and what a shock waiting for me when I got here! Now we have a lot of barbarians who can't hold their liquor because nobody ever taught them at home how to respect and enjoy it as part of civilized life.

And, as to the restaurants, children used to behave better in public a generation ago too! I'd never have lived to grow up had I once behaved in public so badly that I disrupted other people's enjoyment. At the very least, I'd never have been invited out with my parents again. Now, people let their children run around like wild beasts and not only do nothing to control them, they expect strangers to become instant baby-sitters.
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