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Message Subject Starbucks Diaper Police
Poster Handle Ms. Superduper
Post Content
If it were not for children the world would not be, neither would you. As a society we must take the steps necessary to accommodate the most basic of human needs, and if we don't, shame on us, or that (society).

Starbucks was correct to apologize and should install baby-changing stations if they don't want another of these stories.

The world does not revolve around us, the individual. How many times parents have changed their baby in a Starbucks yet no news story about it?

If you go to a store you think no one ever goes to you will find people go to it. People do use things even though we do not see people using it!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39011376

There was a comment on that article that I think expresses the point beautifully: if your men's room is temporarily out of order, does that mean it's okay if I just pee in an empty cup right at my table?

Human feces is human feces, be it from a baby or an adult and it does not belong in a dining room! Are you really too stupid to understand that? Civilization did just fine for centuries keeping the problem of dirty diapers a private matter and not inflicting its details on the eye of the public; there's no excuse for such total lack of consideration for other customers now. Apparently those two ill-bred 'parents' think the 'world revolves around them.' It does not. There are laws against deliberate contamination of an establishment where food is sold and consumed and for the sake of the public health, they must be enforced.
 Quoting: Sweetshrub

Exactly what I was thinking.
 Quoting: beeches

I know! Let's let our dogs in to poop all over the floor.

I am gagging.
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