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Message Subject Pet acting weird
Poster Handle DidlerMajor
Post Content
Nope. My two yo aussie shep is sleeping on the floor next to me right now. I'm in Toronto.

Whatever happened to your dog is localized, and probably the result of yourself. Dogs are strange animals. None of their behaviour is because of themselves. It's always because of us.

It's either the above or ghosts on your path, noises outside of human hearing range, or a medical condition in the inner ear that needs to be looked at.
 Quoting: DidlerMajor

I'm just East of you, Durham Region, North Oshawa, both my dogs have actually been acting a little weird lately. I have a 2.5 yr old Border Collie and Rottweiler mix as well as an 8 yr old Chihuahua. The little one has been very skittish the last couple days and constantly seems on "Alert". My bigger one as well acting "Alert" which is really out of character unless fireworks happening. The bigger one isn't leaving my side more than 10 feet when he's off leash on our nightly walk in a large park within city limits. This is really odd for him as he normally has one speed, full out running. He does suffer from some weird ailments almost like Canine Vestibular disease but he's been this way since I got him when he was 4 months old (rescue situation)I'm his 4th owner and the people I got him from where "letting him go". A 4 month old puppy that was about to be left in the country and forest by a couple of 17 yr olds. Luckily one of their friends took him home, but unfortunately the kids father said "NO FUCKING WAY" and Kijiji listed for free. Got him home and he was vomiting whipworms due to the level of infestation and no care. I fixed him up and he's the best and happiest dog I've ever known. Always happy, always running, never shit or pissed in the house, EVER! Back story is important to explain how well I know my dog due to the bond formed from saving him. The last couple days, he's been acting as if something about to happen and he's scared.

My little one, I got from a PJ's Pet centre 7-8 years ago and has no fear ever. Stupid little piss hound runs up to every animal or dog it see's. Yet the last few days, he also won't leave my side and when my wife not home, he waits at door for to get home. He's never done this before and cause my wife smother's him so much, he tends to be crusty to her when she gets like that, but lately, he's all over her when she gets home. Neither of them will leave our sides, neither will eat their food properly, almost like they feel they need to stay alert and something is about to happen.

I know my dogs and they're acting "off" but didn't think anything of it till OP's post......
 Quoting: Smashy76

Just sayin', but by buying a dog at PJ's you pretty much "rescued" another one. Good work.

Mine is only two, but we've had her since 8 weeks. She's always been an alert dog. Barks at the door when knocked. Barks when she hears people in the hallway. It's annoying and we're trying to work on it. Other than the "normal" stuff I can't think of anything out of ordinary to add to this theory.

We were at the dog park yesterday. VERY busy. The only thing that stuck out in my somewhat intuitive mind immediately when we entered was that all the dogs were staying really close to their owners and not really mingling like they normally do.
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