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Message Subject Adopted 3 Kittens....Cuter than Cute, Holy Terrors and I am going to de-claw them..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, you are getting some serious harassment on this thread!

It is your choice whether or not to de-claw your cat if you want to do so.

My cat is de-clawed and he had zero problems with it. His paws are fine and he uses the pads of his paws like fingers. He cannot climb the curtains, however he uses his toes to climb just about everything else. He has no trouble at all. He has adapted perfectly.

My best friend's cat has killed mice and birds without claws and gets into trees just fine as well.

They may have to be resourceful, but they are smart and adaptable and there is no reason NOT to have them de-clawed if they are going to be indoor cats. They will wreck your furniture and your carpeting if they like the texture better. I know, because I bought mine scratching posts, pads, mats, a half-circle scratching ramp, and furniture covers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18432713

How do you know he has zero problems, did he tell you so?
Did you ask him before you mutilated him if he wanted the procedure done? You should be ashamed for encouraging anyone to mutilate their cat.
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