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Message Subject Adopted 3 Kittens....Cuter than Cute, Holy Terrors and I am going to de-claw them..
Poster Handle Little Miss Sunshine
Post Content
Declawing a cat is the worst form of torture you can do to a cat. I will never do it to another one again!!! My poor cat was never able to protect itself again, could not use its litter box right again they can't cover their business anymore!! They try to scratch their " imaginary" claws, not to mention the horrific limping and licking and drawing up if the little paws after its done....SOOOOOO PAINFUL!!! and bless their little hearts ....they can NEVER play with another toy the same ever again!!!
I really really hope you think twice before doing this to them. How would you feel if you're nails were ripped out????
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