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Message Subject Adopted 3 Kittens....Cuter than Cute, Holy Terrors and I am going to de-claw them..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Cats are killers. A University study found that even the most docile cat, that is allowed out to roam, kill at least 300 animals a year. Cats are the #1 cause of native animal extinction in Australia.
My actions are to protect those native animals. One stinking cat to protect thousands of native animals, I like those odds. Good karma for me. If I lived on acreage I'd be legally entitled to shoot ANY cat on my property.
Ignorant cat owners who allow their cats to roam are irresponsible & don't deserve to keep their cat.
If you can think of a quicker way to dispatch a cat I'd like to hear it Drowning is cruel & I don't own a gun.

Good on you for keeping your cats contained. If my dog roamed free to piss, shit & kill [for the fun of it] animal control would impound it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16570544

That study is pure bullshit. I've owned cats for years, live in the country and let them roam at will. It's rare that they are able to catch and kill anything, a couple times a year at most. 300 a year is complete utter nonsense. Are sociopathic cat killers stupid too?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1593102

So you know better than an in-depth, year long study headed by a professor & his team in Australian conditions. Gee you must be a freakin genius. An opinion does not stand up against hard cold facts stupid.

The leader of the study thought his team was getting the figures wrong when he first saw them. Further investigation found that they were in fact a minimum number.
The animals included native birds, lizards, frogs as well as marsupials.
Cats are the number one cause of animal extinctions in Australia.

Your ignorance knows no bounds, you brainless moron.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16570544

I'm in the USA, who cares about Australia? Nothing more impressive than a professor and his team. Wow, that certainly settles the matter. Maybe cats have an easier time of it in Australia, maybe not, but it has not a freaking thing to do with the topic at hand. Would I take such a study at face value? Nope. Don't you have cats to kill psycho?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1593102

Yes I do brainless.

Clearly your a selfish turd who has no love for all creatures, only your disease carrying murdering feline.
Your argument is contradictory.
No point in arguing with a someone who's mentally deficient. Excuse the big words, I've kept it as simple as possible, either google or ask someone who doesn't wear a helmet on the bus.
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