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Message Subject Adopted 3 Kittens....Cuter than Cute, Holy Terrors and I am going to de-claw them..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Very nice thing you did OP taking the kittens. And I really hope you’ll look in to the whole declawing issue before you actually do it.

I was all set to get my cats declawed when I happened to read about it and then it is banned in countries like Great Britain because it amputates the first digit of the cats toes. They are left deformed and they’re not gonna walk the same after.

Somebody suggested this to me and I’ll pass it along to you because it worked great. I just got my cats used to me rubbing their feet and I would use just a regular human toenail clipper to blunt the edges of their nails once a month and I never had to worry about anything being destroyed and they didn’t have to lose a digit of their toes.

And what’s interesting is that I never intended to ever let those cats out of the house but when I moved in I had a lot of property, they got out and loved it. And if your cats were living outside, it’s possible that they’ll always look for an opportunity to get back outside again. And if they do and they have claws at least they can defend themselves.

I do hope you’ll rethink your decision to declaw them.
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