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Message Subject Adopted 3 Kittens....Cuter than Cute, Holy Terrors and I am going to de-claw them..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After a year of loosing my precious little baby Zorro to cancer, my husband had a friend who's cat gave birth to 3 Kitty's and he needed to find them a home...

They were living in the Barn with there Mother and really no human contact, only when the owner came in to feed them...

At any rate we decided to take them, only wanted 2 at the most, but they were all bonded to each other....

Tabby Kitty is "Sammy"
Orange Kitty is *Orange Ruffy*
Tan and White Kitty is "Taffy*

Sammy has really warmed up and does not mind being held very playful, Orange Ruffy has just started coming around but Taffy runs anytime I get close to her, hopefully she will also come around...

The Vet said I could have them spayed and de-clawed at the same time when they are about 5 months, that seems awful young to me, they are still so little....

They will be indoor cats, so just wanted to share my Kitty News...

 Quoting: christian

Declawing is cruel. It's like having the first joint of your finger removed if you were to be declawed.

Additionally, the cat, if ever outside or on it's own will likely starve because it can no longer effectively hunt (no claws to catch things) and can not escape predators because it has no claws to climb tree!

I do not suggest declawing unless you plan on making a lifetime commitment to the animal and never let it outside.
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