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Subject Miami police shootout in drug bust, cop shot 3 times, shooter killed
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From LiveLeak article:

Miami-Dade Police Shooting ends in one dead

New home surveillance video of a shootout between Miami-Dade Police and a man at a suspected grow house has been released.

The video was shown by a prosecutor in court Thursday in the case against Luis Estevanell, who is facing drug possession, drug trafficking and felony murder.

The surveillance video was captured by a camera at the suspected grow house last summer. The video shows the owner of the alleged grow house, Gerard Delgado, get into his BMW vehicle just moments before detectives and an FBI agent arrive at the home to investigate the growing of marijuana.

Upon arrival, they come across, Estevanell. As they are talking to him, Delgado exits his vehicle and opens fire on the officers. The shootout ensues for a while. Officers can be seen taking cover and firing back.

Delgado was fatally shot in the head.

Miami-Dade Police Detective John Saavedra was shot three times in the stomach. He has not been able to return to the police force since.

Detectives found about 80 pounds of marijuana worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Officials said the reason Estevanell is being charged with felony murder, even though he didn't pull the trigger, is because in the State of Florida if you commit a crime that results in the death of somebody, they can also charge you with the felony murder.

[link to www.liveleak.com]
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