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The Ozone Hole is Shrinking !!

Barbara P. Strigoi
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Puerto Rico
05/20/2013 05:23 PM
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The Ozone Hole is Shrinking !!
I know that's old news but I read it yesterday.

Here are other facts:

- Humans can survive in space for 2 minutes unprotected
- Lichen can live there for 18 months
- There are not 24 hours in a day .... 23h, 56 min, 4 sec
- Palm trees (coconuts) kill more people every year than sharks
- Earth is the only planet in our system with place tectonics
- The hottest temperature ever recorded was 136ºF in El Azizia, Libya
- The last rainfall in Dry Valleys, Antarctica was 2 million years ago
- 200,000 people born every day
- 2 people die every second