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the attack on the putin/obama alliance ratchets up/armageddon

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United States
05/21/2013 11:27 PM
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the attack on the putin/obama alliance ratchets up/armageddon
now that the physical part of the attack is over, referring to the chechnyan bombings at the president's academic base in boston, the pencils are sharpening with the bengahzi and irs stories.....this president, as the old irish expression goes, is in office during "interesting times" and he must put his money on the right horse and he is by rhetorically embracing putin as valdimir....putin is the only democratically elected leader on the planet that controls oil and he's working his oil honestly and most importantly his oil will force the petroleum gangsters to fly straight...president obama is in his final term, so he doesn't have to play politics anymore...he's making the right move at crunch time.....eyes on the status of imin zawahiri, as his upcoming martyrdom will be another example of an olive branch to putin/obama..it will be a trap , however, as jihad will use it to start the battle at armageddon